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Persuasive/Controversial Essay: Tanf And Snap Welfare Programs Are A Detriment To The U.S.

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Lesak 1Amber LesakMr. GaugAP Government 313 May 2013Welfare "Benefits" UnemployedTemporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesWelfare began as a federally funded program in the 1930s during the Great Depression for mainly the elderly and disabled, but also the unemployed. Many Americans complained of abuse of the welfare program, claiming the citizens with assistance "were not applying for jobs, having more children just to get more aid, and staying unmarried so as to qualify for greater benefits," ("Welfare Information"). President Bill Clinton passed a reform law in 1996 that turned the welfare system power from the federal government to state governments and required the able-bodied to work or prepare for work. This law essentially established Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and replaced the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program, the Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training (JOBS) program, and the Emergency Assistance (EA) program. TANF is "a block grant program to help move recipients into work and turn welfare into a program of temporary assistance," ("Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)"). In 2012, President Barack Obama waivered the work requirement for TANF. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families payments are abused by its recipients. Eliminating the welfare work requirement causes dependency; it should be reinstated and the program should be reformed to help further prevent abuse.Before Obama waived the work requirement for TANF, the recipient of aid was supposed to have work within 2 years and only receive welfare aid for a maximum of 5 years. After the waiver, citizens on welfare do not have a limit on how many years they can receive aid nor are they required to have a job. How is this helping? The program is called "welfare-to-work," but how is anyone getting the motivation to get a job without being on a time limit? Citizens can receive aid for as long as they please, which may be for the rest of their life. This is a prime example of laziness. The Obama Administration's excuse for discarding the work demand: "the waiver is designed to give states more flexibility to design their own plans to help move people from welfare to work," (Kasperowicz). This makes no sense; how else can one be motivated to get a job? Not only do most welfare recipients not find jobs, the majority of welfare recipients do not find employment especially as their age increases. Forty-five percent of men and women within the age group of twenty to twenty-four find employment; while only fourteen percent of those exceeding thirty years of age find employment.Giving more money obviously doesn't motivate the recipients; the amount of citizens on welfare has doubled since Obama became president in 2008 (Rector). Everyone has the ability to be successful, but some people would rather give up and whine to the government about their responsibility to take care of them. Obama is allowing Americans to become dependent and lazy,...

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