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The Risks Of Watching Too Much Television

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TV is the most common technology device people use and they watch TV for almost all the time. Doctors who know about the advantages and disadvantages in health say that TV does more harmful performances than good performances while people who just watch a lot of TV say that doing this is good for them. Since doctors can help cure people and know what is acceptable for them, this would mean that the doctors are correct about TV harming people than on how the people who watch a lot of TV believe that TV can cause them to get benefits in their life from watching TV. This makes the people who just focus on the TV not know about the risks of doing this. The risks of watching TV that makes TV a harmful device to use rather than a beneficial device are that it can cause people to imitate awful behavior, can cause people to have problems involving their health, and that it can take people's time away from doing activities that help them become successful in their life.

People who watch a lot of TV think that they are not harmed when they do this since they get educational information from the TV but this however, is not true. Doctors who know what's acceptable for people say that watching TV can cause a lot of harm to people since they can get behavior problems when doing this. This means that TV can cause people to have a risk of imitating awful behavior, which is a way on how tv can harm people. According to, this website conveyed that “TV violence sometimes beg for imitation." (How TV Affects Your Child, 3). This shows that people who see violent content can think that it's ok for them to do violent things in the content, when it's not ok. In addition to TV causing people to imitate awful behaviors, sexual content can influence teenagers to habituate in participating in sexual activities. The way that teens can be influenced to do sexual activities shows that they could think being in a sexual activity is normal for their age, when it's not and that they want to have kids right away. Another behavior people can get is that TV can influence people to do drugs. Specifically, people who see drugs on TV think that it's "cool, fun, and exciting" for them to try these things, when it's not (How TV Affects Your Child, 3). All in all, these behaviors influenced by the TV are detrimental to people.

Another way on how TV can be harmful to people is that it can cause people to have health problems. According to, a doctor named Dimitri Christakis once said that "TV can cause the developing mind to experience unnatural levels of stimulation." (Watching TV is Bad For Children, 1).For this reason, a person can have a hard time focusing in school since they can get concentration problems from this. Another health problem that can get into, people is that they can get an attention deficit disorder from watching TV. As a result, "The study of 1,345 children showed three hours TV a day made children, 30% more likely to...

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