Persuasive Essay About Why The Juvenille Justice System Isn't Harsh Enough.

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The Juvenile Justice System is not harsh enough...Did you know that juveniles accounted for almost half the arrests for serious crimes in the United States in 1974 and for less than one-third in 1983? Did you know that recent trends show an increase in arrests of adolescents for murder, assault, and weapon use? The small number of youth who commit the most serious and violent offenses are becoming more and more violent. I found these statistics directly from the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Statistics show that juveniles are not learning from their mistakes because nothing horrific happens to them. They show that juveniles committing crimes at this time turn out to be the adults in prison for life. More disturbingly, statistics show juveniles are rarely ever completely rehabilitated, which is the number one goal of the Juvenile Justice System.Some people need more than just a slap on the wrist. Everyone has heard this phrase at least once and it best describes why the Juvenile Justice System is not harsh enough. It is a proven fact that if a person does not get into trouble the first time they do something wrong, they will do it again. In the Juvenile Justice System, juveniles are not penalized for small-time crimes. Police leave it up to the parents to discipline the child, but what if the parents were drunks when they were younger? The violator learns neither lessons nor morals.Juveniles commit misdemeanors all of the time, but they don't get caught every time. Juveniles fear police officers, when really the police just want to help. Police are no longer jumping at the bit to put kids in jail. Officers of the law simply want to help juveniles out and keep them out of trouble. Police officers think, "Kids will be kids." What police don't know is that this "kid" that stole a bag of chips from Wal-Mart will be committing an armed robbery twenty years down the road.Juveniles that are committing crimes now usually commit more severe crimes as adults. Last Thursday in Criminal Justice 101, my professor was explaining to me about a trip she took her probation kids on. My professor had the chance to tour a maximum security prison in Maryland. At this prison, her probation kids were sat down in a circle leaving every other chair empty. Lifetime prisoners were then brought into the same room and were seated in the empty chairs. First, the probation kids explained why they were on probation. Then, the lifers explained why they were in prison. Lastly, the lifers told the probationers what they had been doing at that age.Oddly enough, the probationers and the lifers had done the same things. This particular activity exhibited that adults in the Criminal Justice System were the same "kids" in the Juvenile Justice System. Now why would this ever possibly happen? The Juvenile Justice System isn't hard enough to deter juveniles from committing another crime. Juveniles are not adults and are not responsible for their decisions, but they know...

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