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Persuasive Essay About Women Being Allowed To Fight Alongside Men In Combat Roles In The Military English 1101 Essay

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Chloe Weinmann
Professor Hagan
Women in Combat
On any team you want the strongest, smartest, most resilient people on your roster. No two people on any team have identical strengths and weaknesses, whether that be physical braun, intelligence, or fast decision-making ability. This is what makes the very best teams unstoppable. They use the strengths of all different people to make up a diverse force. The military should be no different. Excluding women from potentially making a team even better solely because of gender does our nation's military and people a great disservice. Women should absolutely be allowed to serve alongside men in combat roles in the military. Surprisingly, this is an issue that is widely debated and strongly opposed by many. Much of the argument stems from why women shouldn't be allowed to serve and their rebuttals to those claims. The most common reasons one may argue that women should not be allowed to serve in combat roles with men are: the physiological differences between men and women, and mission readiness. The goal of this essay will be to refute each of these claims to ultimately convince that women should be allowed to serve and are just as able-bodied and capable as their male counterparts.
In the debate on male vs female anything, physiological differences is almost always the first argument to be made. Society has conditioned people to believe that men are the hunters and women are the gatherers, that men are strong and women are weak. While it is true that men are indeed built to be physically stronger than women, to deem one as strong on braun alone is simply underassesed. There are many physical attributes that contribute to strength and one's ability to complete physically demanding tasks. In a study performed by psychologists Michael McDaniel and Timothy Thorley, it was proven that males do not dominate all fine motor abilities that are most applicable to military related jobs. It was found that steadiness, motor coordination , finger dexterity, and manual dexterity all favored women. 40% of the skills were female-dominated. Another way in which females counteract their lesser muscle mass is their advantage in endurance. Women are capable of assembling fat stores as a source of energy during continuous endurance related exercise which gives them an edge in aerobic fitness. Running and endurance is vital in combat related positions. The hormone estrogen gives women an advantage in endurance exercise because it deters fatigue and reduces the mental block of how hard the aerobic activity feels. One must also take into account that the average female does not wish to serve in a combat role. In fact only 15% of our armed forces and an even smaller percentage would like the chance to fight on the front line. These are not the average women. They are commonly in exceptional physical shape whereas many men in these roles are overweight and only marginally passing their physical fitness...

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