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Persuasive Essay Based On A Quote

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Throughout literature there are possibly millions of quotes that can be supported by other texts. It is quite impressive how the authors seems to just work with another to create comparisons that will last forever. Robert Collier once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” He means that without the perseverance to continue, no one will ever get any better than what they are now. Technology wouldn’t exist and the several discoveries that have been made would still be unfound. There are several points from, Careers in Robotics: A Case Study and Team Builds ‘Sociable’ Robot that support Mr. Colliers statement about always try to continue on.
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“The robot will ‘remember’ its mistakes, however, and make incremental improvements as it goes along,” says Dr. Breazeal from the article Team Builds ‘Sociable’ Robot. Kismet is learning to make mistakes is not bad but to repeat them is. The scientists in charge of the program are teaching Kismet to reason and therefore figure out what he did wrong and how to make improvements. This is a phenomenal breakthrough in today’s technology.
Finally, the last topic that was found that was in concurrence with Mr. Collier is another idea from Careers in Robotics: A Case Study that everything is for the betterment of everyone. Many people realize that the job that they are a part of isn’t just for their own personal benefit. The job is for something bigger than what they can handle and so there are many people doing many things. Careers in Robotics: A Case Study says, “‘You’re making something that has a purpose, something that’s part of a bigger project.” In order for them to succeed, the whole group must succeed. But it is also the other way around, In...

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