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Persuasive Essay On Rape Culture Communications Essay

1015 words - 5 pages

Aiyana Burnell
Prof Eggleston
Com 111
6th November 2017
Rape culture exist because we want to believe it doesn’t. Everything from a casual conversation or night out with peers or friends, to the social media we use every day, we tend to accept the degradation of women and the uncontrollable hyper-sexuality of men as the norm.
Rape culture has become a very known topic; just recently the highly publicized trial of two teenagers in Steubenville, Ohio who raped a classmate at a house party. Many of the public responses to this issue were disgusting and spoke in high volumes of humanity’s ideas on rape culture; that the victim plays a part in their rape or being sexually assaulted. At the time of her assault, the victim was unconscious from heavy intoxication and learned about her rape through images put out on social media. How many times have you heard your peers respond to a tragic event such as, “she shouldn’t have gotten that drunk,” or, “what was she doing out alone by herself?” or “maybe she shouldn’t wear such provocative clothing” It is terrifying that these reactions are more common than, for example, a simple “I shouldn’t have raped her.” This is what rape culture is; a culture in which victims are guilty until proven innocent, crimes are not taken seriously, and the violation of basic human rights to safety is ignored.
I am very passionate about issues such as this, while doing my research, I have gained knowledge that 1 out 6 American women have been the victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime and that about 3% of American men have experienced an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime; while only 3% of rapists ever serve time in jail. Now, these numbers aren’t to scare you and although they may not be high in statistics; it is important that we know these things and what is happening in our society as a whole or could even happen to you. After explaining why rape culture shouldn’t be normalized and prevented, I hope I end this speech by changing the common attitudes towards this issue that it “just doesn’t exist”.
Rape culture is a worldwide problem and we as people shouldn’t have to live in fear. Rape culture was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized sexual violence. Two years ago, there was a rape case that involved two football players raping an unconscious 16-year-old girl, and the media chose to focus on how this incident would ruin the boys lives and their futures of playing football because they would be labeled as sex offenders, rapist, and overall ruined their career. We choose to overlook these occurrences like they won’t keep happening until something is done. I know we’ve all heard the saying if you see something say something but majority of the time this isn’t the case. Bystanders are real. Many people think rape isn’t wrong depending on the situation it occurred, many people have such a distorted way they view this matter that they cannot recognize...

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