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Persuasive Essay Should Marijuana Be Legalized? What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Legalization Or Decriminalization Of Pot?

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?The legalization of marijuana is a widespread debate with many valid argumentsfor both sides. Some will state that it should be available for those seeking relief fromvarious medical situations, or that if legalized, marijuana could be regulated by thegovernment for safety reasons. Even the fact that there are no deaths directly caused bymarijuana is a strong point on the pro-legalization side. However, I believe that thelegalization would lead to more problems in a society that is already full enough withother issues and debates concerning our health and safety. The fact that relief can beattained in a pill form without the hazards of smoke inhalation and other dangerouschemicals strikes a blow to the pro-legalization claim that pot has medicinal value. Also,it is widely regarded as a gateway drug, which means that although perhaps it could beregulated, it may lead to a higher percentage of people trying harder drugs such as heroinand cocaine. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is that the legalization would makepot available to the youth in a similar way to how alcohol and cigarettes are obtained.The legalization of marijuana would lead to a decline in the standards of our society.It is often said that marijuana has medicinal value, and could be a valuable assetto those who have undergone chemotherapy for cancer, or other patients with AIDS.This is true, however, the other dangerous chemicals associated with marijuana use havethe possibility of creating more health problems such as lung cancer. The active part ofmarijuana that eases the pain of these patients that is known as tetra-hydro-canibol, orTHC, is available in a pill form, that does not contain the "more than 400 differentchemicals found in tobacco smoke"[1]. The pill called Marinol is a solution to thedangerous inhalation of "harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are by products ofsmoking"[2]. With the only ingredient with medicinal value already available in a pillform, it is not a sound argument to suggest that marijuana should be legalized formedicinal purposes.The regulated distribution of marijuana controlled by the government has beensomething that has been considered. Although this would make it safer to use, it wouldbe foolish to say that the government could regulated marijuana as a safe drug.Regardless of the fact that government distributed marijuana would not be mixed or lacedwith other illegal substances, it is well known that "marijuana is a doorway drug toharsher and more...

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