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Persuasive Paper

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Running head: Immigration in El Paso1Immigration in El PasoJuly 10, 2014COMM/ 215Immigration in El PasoThe word immigration means different things to different people. To some people it means a dream of theirs. It means a dream of experiencing a new world, with new rights and liberties. The word means being able to start a new wonderful life, without fear or poverty. Other people see the word immigration meaning something completely different. People see immigration as a strain on our country. They see immigration as overcrowding of border cities, the taking of jobs and the cheating of our nation's benefits system. This paper will cover both meanings people see of this word and come to a conclusion as to how immigration in El Paso should be handled.In El Paso, TX on July 3, 2014 a protest was held in where around 200 people gathered to protest what they believe to be a failed immigration proposal by President Obama (Martinez, 2014). Waves upon waves of immigrant children and families have hit the border trying to seek better lives here and flee the violence of their home country. The protesters felt that the immigration proposal was basically an arrest and return program, not giving the immigrants the right chance.From its earliest days, the United States has been a nation of immigrants. It began with its original inhabitants crossing the land bridge connecting Asia and North America tens of thousands of years ago ("U.S. Immigration Before 1965", 2014). Most immigrants coming to America come seeking economic opportunity, or religious or political freedom. There are people in other countries who suffer from poverty either because they live in a place where the government might be poor. There are people who live in countries with corrupt governments with outrageous laws and political leaders who will not help their citizens. A person has no say in where they are born or how they are raised, but they do have the right to make changes in their life. If a person has a chance to better their life, shouldn't they have the right to do so? I believe that those people should have that chance. They should be given the right to go to another country if they feel it is better for their family. With that said, I also feel that an immigrant coming to America should have to go through the proper channels as well. An immigrant should go through all of the legal proceedings to cross the border...

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