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Persuasive Research Essay: Why Drones Are Necessary

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War is a necessary evil. It is such a thing, that in today’s society it has become almost inexorable. But as with any war, there are always casualties. There will always be copious acquitted victims of combat. But that does not have to be ‘reality’ anymore due to the effective use of drones. If drones are used accurately and meritoriously, then children do not have to become orphans due to the fact that drones are Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). Therefore, people do not have to risk their lives by entering precarious environments. Moreover, drones should not be just be simply used for warfare, but also for surveillance. This would allow the government to gather information; and even though it’s somewhat controversial, if surveillance drones are used in the USA, its people would be better-off and well protected. Drones are tools that need to be exploited for the furtherance of society. Not only does it stop those who wish others harm, but it also is capable of protecting people at home.
As with any military weapon, there is always a case of morality. Drones might not be flawless, but what they do (and are capable of doing) is for a just cause. They sojourn extremists, ones who are willing to harm innocent bystanders to accomplish their subjective goals. Despite the fact that drones have had issues in the past, they are superior at both detecting terrorists and circumventing collateral damage than anything that the military has to offer. UAVs are able to stay airborne for up to 30 hours, executing a detailed, cyclic scan of an area, day-after-day, night-after-night in aggregate darkness, or under a thick veil of fog, under complete computer command. Furthermore, this not only abolishes the risk of losing a pilots life during an assignment, but it also able to detect extremists more precisely than ground units or traditional aeronauts. They can time an airstrike the minute innocents are not near proximity and are capable enough to avert missiles after dismissal. In addition, investigation has discovered that drones exterminate scarcer amount of non-combatants than any other method of war. For example, In Israel’s targeted assassinations of radicals from Hamas and other associations, expending an assortment of armaments from bombs to missiles; the death rate of civilians in said besiegement was 41 percent. Rather than having ethical doubts about drones, one should recognize that at this time and age, drones are the most effective method of war to stop organizations such as Al-Qaeda.
There is no agreement when it comes to drones being used within the borders of the United States. People have argued that if the government instigates using drones, then that would be the equivalent of getting rid of their rights as humans, and the rights given to them by the Constitution. What these people do not comprehend is that, technology is neutral. It completely depends on how it is implemented. For instance, transportation drones are used in undeveloped countries...

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