Persuasive Speech: Who Should Pay For Public School?

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“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want.” (Robert A. Heinlein) This is what is currently happening to families that do not use their local public school system. Private school families, childless families, and families that no longer have children in school should not have to pay public school taxes for their local township. This is because, unlike public school users, these families do not use this particular public service. Therefore, these families should not be required to pay public school taxes.
In addition to having to pay for private school tuition, private school families currently have to pay public school taxes as well. Having to pay for both school systems may put a financial burden on these families. If a particular family has more than one child or more than one child that is enrolled in a private school, this may also increase financial stress. The same idea goes for families that no longer have a child enrolled in a public school. That particular child may be attending college after they had graduated from a public high school. If that is the reason, that child’s parents will have to provide the college tuition on top of having to pay public school taxes.
Childless families may also be going through the same financial troubles as families with children. A possible reason for a childless couple for not having any children of their own could be because they are in a time of monetary difficulties and cannot afford to support a child. If this is the case, requiring them to pay public school taxes may also contribute to their financial hardships.
Another reason these families should not have to pay public school taxes is, simply, those families do not use their townships’ schools. It is like making them buy a car they are not going to use or making them pay for a house they are not going to live in. These families are basically giving their money away and are not receiving anything in return. If, however, a private school family decides to send their children...

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