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Persuasive Speech On Obesity In Australia Bsc Speech

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Persuasive speech on Obesity in Australia
There are many reasons for the average life expectancy of Australian’s to decrease and who would have thought that Obesity could be one of the factors that contribute towards it. And what if I told you that obesity is quite common amongst the Australian children. Would you have believed me? I don’t think so, however unfortunately that is the truth. Then again if you turn your T.V on to watch something, more than half of the time the commercials you see on television are about junk food, which means that more people tend to think about trying them out.
Yes, it is true that obesity is not classified as a disease but it can certainly be deadlier than a disease if not taken care of. Many Australian’s around the country have a wrong understanding of the definition of obesity, they just think that it is simply overeating which is not true. Obesity is caused by the fact of eating excessively but it is far deadlier than we think. One of the leading factors for obesity is sugar. It may even lead into more serious diseases such as diabetes.
One contributing factor is that children are bombarded with junk food advertising. It is on billboards, television, the internet and it is impossible to avoid. According to media research conducted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, there is no proven link between obesity and television...

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