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Persuasive Speech, Prevention Of Aids

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Persuasive Speech based on The Motivated Sequence, an approach to persuasion, as described in Getting Started in Public Speaking. (National Textbook Company, 1994). Five steps: Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action.Topic: HIV/AIDS educationAudience: College studentsBy Kathy RileyHave you ever saved a drowning child? One of my friends did in Okinawa some years ago. She remembers it so clearly today for the amazingly satisfying experience it was. Maybe you haven't had such an experience Have you ever saved someone's life? If so, you too know how satisfying, how wonderful that can feel. But even if you have only helped someone with some small thing, you know that feeling. You know how good it feels to help someone. One way to help someone is to take HIV-AIDS ...view middle of the document...

Today, the blood supply is safe, and now the main source of infection is sexual contact. This tragic situation does not have to continue. All of us have the responsibility to help stop it.What do I mean by taking AIDS seriously? It means educating yourself about safe sex and telling others about it. When people have knowledge, they have power. As more and more people understand how HIV is transmitted and how to prevent that, the infection rates will go down.One way to do this is to start a "Circle for AIDS Study and Teaching", as some students did at Nanzan University in Nagoya. They wanted to learn more about this disease, and they thought other students would too. One of their main activities is visiting junior and senior high schools to give lectures. The organizer of the group, Maki Kawai, says, "As we are students, we know how boring it can be to take an academic class. AIDS is a serious theme to deal with. So you have to twist this seriousness." In other words, they make learning fun and interesting. And in doing so they are taking HIV/AIDS seriously. Members also know how to have fun on their own. They have parties, and they've also volunteered at community events, which raise money for different charitable groups. The groups get money, and the circle members get a lot of satisfaction.Thanks to this circle, you can start educating yourself today. The URL is You can read about the circle's efforts there in Japanese. There is also a website called "The Japan Network" ( They have a lot of interesting materials for teachers and students (in English-so your English will improve too). Some of the materials were written by circle members. But don't stop with The Internet. Tell somebody what you learn. You never know when you might save a life-your own or someone else's.

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