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Persuasive Speech: We Must Not Speed

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Persuasive Speech against Speeding (Fast Driving)
No one can refuse that driving fast is great deal of fun, and I believe that almost every one of us, especially boys have experienced the trill of driving fast. On the other hand, we all have also experienced the feeling of losing our loved ones.
Every time when we hear stories of people dying due to fast driving, we feel sad and pity for his family members, but have we ever taken steps to reduce these mortalities?
Although over speeding might be a sort of amusement and fun for us, its consequences can be tragic.
Car accident have always been a major problem around the world and as the technology is advancing faster cars are being invented ...view middle of the document...

Few months back, a boy who lived in our society had a major car accident. It all happened when he was driving too fast and suddenly a motorcyclist came in front. In order to save the motorcyclist he applied breaks, and completely lost control over his car. After hitting the motorcyclist his car turned about and went over the footpath, where two people who were waiting for the bus were also crushed under his rear wheels. Both of them died on spot, the motorcyclist somehow was able to survive but was seriously injured. However the boy driving the car was safe and nothing happened to him. He was arrested by the police and upon investigation it was discovered that the boy was only 16 and neither had NIC nor a driving license. The case was taken to court where he was sentenced for imprisonment for 25 years.
25 years….. guys do you even realize how long 25 years are? The whole life of that kid has finished. He himself ruined his career. Just a little mistake ruined his life and took away happiness of many families. This is story guys.
So now when I have given you enough arguments you guys must agree with me that speeding is really a serious problem and we all need to follow speed limits. Speed limits are very essential in our daily lives and protect us from road accidents. By following the speed limits we will be able to reduce the number of road accident...

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