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Persuasive Speech: You Can Stop The Genocide In Darfur

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Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience to get involved and to help stop the genocide in Darfur


I stand before you a white male, who has not experienced much of this world; I am but fifteen years old. I have little knowledge of our societies and how we work yet it is obvious how the political powers think and how they operate the world.

We should not be thinking with only greed in our minds, we should not be thinking only of benefits to ourselves, we should think of our fellow brothers and sisters. We are all the same, yet we think of others as different to us. We are no different. Some are better off then others, some are rich, some are poor, some are sick, and some are healthy, yet we are all same apart from these petty distinctions. We have all suffered at one point in time, life is full of these moments, we console those who are feeling down, suffering, we want to make them feel better… but what of the extreme cases, when our brothers and sisters are subjected to enormous amounts of violence based on ethnicity, otherwise known as petty differences.

“No war, peace, no war, peace, no war, peace”. It doesn’t matter how many times we say something, if we don’t devote ourselves to our beliefs and our heartfelt lyrics about life then it all means nothing. These two words “Never again” mean nothing. We said these words with intent to uphold them, to never let genocide happen again. But soon after these words were said the cycle of genocide started up again. Approximately thirty-seven cases of genocide have occurred in the past sixty-four years. This is obviously a statistic that shames the world, and if you have even the slightest piece of compassion inside your bones you should also bear this burden. I bear this burden, I feel shamed, I am but fifteen years old. I feel shamed for I have not done everything possible to stop genocide, I have just lived my life, spoiled, wealthy, easy, while others on the other side of the world struggle to survive. I sponsor children in Darfur, but how do I know that the money reaches the children’s community and not the bank accounts of the countries corrupt leaders, the simple answer is, I don’t know, but I feel there is nothing else I can do, except protest and push people into helping our African brothers and sisters so that the world’s greatest powers will end this genocide, for if they don’t act,...

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