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Persuasive Techniques Used In Michael Jackson's Eulogy Delivered By Al Sharpton

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Persuasion is a commonly used communication technique that allows us to socially influence a certain topic positively or negatively. Its purpose is to help affirm or nullify an idea, belief or attitude. Sometimes the exact topic is very detectable in communication such as during debates but other times it displayed a little more subtly. Persuasion is more than just verbally speaking. Non-verbal communication such as body language, tone and pitch of the voice can also add to the affirmation of the topic. The setting and location also help encourage the acceptance of what is being persuaded.
In Michael Jackson’s eulogy delivered by Al Sharpton, a subtle persuasion speech was also given. He wanted us to know that although a special person was gone, Michael would never be forgotten. He reminded us of how caring Michael was and the many things Michael did to advance the lives others. In his simple but uplifting speech Mr. Sharpton managed to touch on not only the life of how Michael affected the lives of many musically, but how he also helped pave the way for other’s dreams to come true. The following essay attempts to analyze the verbal and nonverbal communication tactics of the speaker as well as the context, location, the occasion.
To start off this analysis, I will say this eulogy was great because it contained all five of Burke’s Dramatistic Pentad elements which were easy to identify. As previously stated, the agent or deliver of the message was Al Sharpton. However, another agent would be unfortunately the guest of honor Michael Jackson. The act that was performed was giving a eulogy. Because Michael was so greatly known and appreciated, his family gave him a memorial service for many of his fan to attend at the Staples center in California (scene) in the summer of 2009. Unfortunately the purpose of the speech was for saddened reason as Michael Jackson was no longer with us.
Many would agree that a really great candidate was chosen to give Michael’s eulogy. When you think of Al Sharpton, a good image comes to mind because his ethos is very reputable. Not only is this man well-known to the general population, he is particularly known in the black community. The Reverend Al Sharpton is known mainly known for being a civil rights advocate, Baptist minister, and radio talk show host. He is also known for making many appearances on news television channels such as MSNBC. In 2004, he was a democratic nominee for the presidential election.
Sharpton is famous for being loyal to many things or ideas that he supports; a loyalty that is so strong it can lead him to jail. Although he is criticized by some who believe he is to blame for a continued racial separation, many people give him admiration for being a great activist. He knows how to command the attention of people and to get them to listen to what he has to say, especially on very delicate matters. Because of his well-known credentials, it wasn’t hard to see why he was asked to speak.

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