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Persuasive Writing Paper: Gene Therapy

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Imagine that one day your son or daughter get diagnosed with a terminal disease and the doctor tells you that you can try to use Gene Therapy to save them except it is an experiment so it might be risky. Even though this might not happen because it is a new technique and isn't funded for hospital use you can still have knowledge about it if you read this paper.
Gene Therapy is a process where they take healthy DNA or Stem Cells and use them on damaged or infected versions to make them healthy again. You might not know much about it because it doesn't have as much funds as many other things but it helps people get better in less time. I believe with Gene Therapy we can cure many of the illnesses in the world.
Treatments that include Gene Therapy are limited but here are a few. A tool called the "Skin Gun" uses healthy skin stem cells and when you spray them on burned cells it heals them in a matter of 3-4 days. In normal burned skin treatment they "grow" skin which takes a ...view middle of the document...

Using this we can treat small or even large genetic mutations with the right research and doctors.
Due to the fact that Gene Therapy uses stem cells it is a lot faster than other treatments and, as far as we know, is a lot safer too. You can use healthy liver stem cells from a body to repair damaged ones so that someone doesn't have liver failure anymore. We could use it for almost anything as long as we find out how and where to get the stem cells.
This is completely opinion or speculation but I think we would be able to make short people tall or vice versa using stem cells. I doubt this would work but if it could imagine all the people who would pay to get taller or even shorter! Either way there is endless possibilities with gene therapy if we can research it more.
People can argue that with Gene Therapy we would be able to create the "Super-Human" and that is not ethical. I believe this could happen but it probably won't and if it did then that would be taking it too far. The only good use from this would be making "Super-Human" millitary soldiers so that we will never lose the war, but then the enemy countries could also learn to develop the same soldier. Some also think changing the body we already have is un-ethical because we should be loved the way we are, unfortunately the truth is that we aren't.
The solution could be that we research and test it until we find side effects and if we don't find one in a certain amount of time then we should just say it doesn't have a side effect. So far they haven't found a side effect so this could be what they have to do, just test it a whole bunch until you find one and then tell other people.
There is a few problems with Gene Therapy but I think the good things balance out the bad things in the end. It makes treatment a lot faster, it is a lot safer, fixes genetic mutations if we can get stem cells for them. Although it can create the "Super-Human" or present side effects at some point. In my opinion all the things that Gene Therapy can be good for is a good trade for the problems.

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