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Persuassive Essay Regarding Educational Advantages Of Home Schooling.

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Advantages of Home Schooling.Home schooling allows the student greater educational and personal advantages over public school students. If you have noticed, parents have developed home schooling to have a more personal, one-to-one relationship with their children. Parents are more involved in their children's education, supervising their classes, adding a religious component to their schooling, and changing their class schedules when needed. Many parents prefer to educate their children in a more informal, comfortable place that they can create and believe their children receive a better education from home schooling. Where else can children receive a more personalized, family oriented, loving educational experience than at home?Home school parents have a large number of different curriculum sources they can turn to for their schoolwork needs. There are three main types of educational curriculums: traditional textbook/workbook, unit studies, and classical education; each has advantages and disadvantages depending on what the parents are looking for. Steve Moitozo (2003) suggests that families with strong religious and philosophical convictions can include these convictions into their curriculums. Opponents to home schooling raise the point of unorganized curriculums that they believe in use by those who home school. "Schools generally have carefully planned courses of study that carefully avoid teaching things over and over again. If dinosaurs are studied in first grade, then they won't be taught again in second grade, long division won't be introduced before simple division, and so on" (Richman, 1988, p.181). Public schools have spent years and countless dollars finding the best of the best curriculums for the students in their areas and have lesson plans organized around these curriculums for the most efficient learning experience. However, the best of the best curriculum, even if it is organized for maximum learning, will not help a student who is struggling in a subject to catch up to the other students in class.Home schooled children benefit by advancing at their own pace in educational needs while public schools mandate a set curriculum as directed by the grade level of the students. When children enjoy a subject or topic, a parent can spend the extra time to encourage the student to pursue knowledge in that area, whereas in the public school, the teacher has many students to focus their attention on and cannot give the one-to-one that a parent can to encourage and pursue additional knowledge of a subject or topic. A well-known motivational speaker on home schooling recently stated:Home schooled children work at their level of mastery, rather than at the level of the graded curriculum outline. Few 5th graders are perfect 5th graders - - instead they may be reading at the 7th grade level, spelling at the 4th grade level, doing science at the 6th grade level and doing math at the 5th grade level. In home schooling, the curriculum in each...

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