Peruvian Traditions: The Lord Of Miracles And St. Rose Of Lima.

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The devotion towards the Lord of Miracles and St Rose of LimaBack in the Colonial period in Peru, there were two main events that with lapse of the years would spread around the world and be venerated worldwide. This is the case of the "Lord of Miracles" and "St. Rose of Lima". The "Lord of Miracles" is also known as "Black Christ" or "Lord of Earthquakes". His history comes from the 1650s when a terrible earthquake left the city of Lima-Peru in total destruction. Only a column with a hanging image of the "Black Christ" painted from an Angolan slave remained intact. "St Rose of Lima" used to spend her life caring for the sick and undertaking penitence to resist sin. The devotion towards both religious characters has been represented with many customs to commemorate these idols: processions, bullfights and special masses.The image of the "Lord of Miracles" is demonstrated to its devotees in the streets inform of a procession. Every year, on the eighteenth of October, this image is taken out from the church in Lima with its many followers who lift the image and perform a pilgrimage during the whole month of October. As days progressed, the "Lord of Miracles" has been gaining more popularity to the point that the procession is performed in various places around the world. The procession of the "Lord of Miracles" is the largest procession in the Americas and the Catholic Religion ("Lord of Miracles-Festivals in Peru"). The procession of the "Lord of Miracles" is a tradition that identifies the Peruvian culture, especially the Peruvian Catholic devotees.Bullfights are another tradition to commemorate "The Lord of Miracles". In October Lima hosts the well-known "Bull Fight" which is still a very controversial issue in the Peruvian society since this festivity always ends with the sacrifice of the...

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