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Pest Analysis

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. PEST AnalysisEconomic environment:The gradual reduction of tariff protection has ensured that prices of most goods in countries like India are closer to global levels or even much lower. The lower prices are much more extensive in the services sector, which accounted for 52.4% of the Indian economy in 2004-05.The use of GDP based on purchasing power parity in the calculation of oil intensity is also validated by the fact that the figures on oil consumption are measured in terms of volumes of input (million tons of oil) while the GDP estimated on the market exchange rate gives only the value of output and not the actual volumes. It is only the GDP estimated on a purchasing power parity basis which gives some indicator so the volume of output which should form the basis of cross country comparisons of output and estimation of oil intensity therein. However, though the oil intensity in India is comparatively much lower than in most other developed and developing countries the negative imp act of high oil prices on the economy is accentuated by the distorted pattern of oil consumption in India.Social Cultural EnvironmentSocial cultural variation in the Indian context, is very important for any company to work in it. The India is basically can be divided into four major regions on the basis of language ,demography and also the income states. These are the south, north, east and west. The HPCL as a company also operates differently in different regions and also use different languages to attract people towards them. This is also, a reason for which the company have their refineries in the south region out of eleven in total.Technological EnvironmentThe company HPCL is very much concern about the environmental polices of it and also very strictly follow...

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PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Social & Technical Analysis)

581 words - 2 pages PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Social & Technical Analysis) A PEST analysis (also sometimes called STEP, STEEP or PESTLE analysis) looks at the external business environment. In fact, it would be better to call this kind of analysis a business environmental analysis but the acronym PEST is easy to remember and so has stuck. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Sociocultural and Technological. (Technological factors in this case, include

DeBeers Case Analysis and PEST Analysis

2428 words - 10 pages recommended.ChallengesA PEST analysis has been performed on the current situation facing De Beers. In the following section, I will focus on the most important problems identified in the PEST analysis for which we must find solutions and also on the most important positive forces that we must leverage to our advantage in order to maintain or gain market share. Please see Exhibit 1 for details on the PEST analysis and additional information on other

PEST analysis for the car industry

2141 words - 9 pages analysis is a process of checking and analyzing information relating to the environment. The PEST analysis is a useful tool for understanding market growth or decline, and as such the position, potential and direction for a business as a business measurement tool. It involves monitoring the changes taking place in the environment and forecasting the future position. The PEST analysis could be a framework reviewing a strategy or position, direction of a

PEST analysis report for two leisure firms:

3458 words - 14 pages Introduction:I was asked to prepare a PEST (political, economical, sociological and technological) analysis report for two companies of my choice. I decided to choose firms from the leisure industry and then compare them. I analysed the business environment and ethical factors that affect the leisure industries as a whole. In my report I will distinguish between the impacts on the different political, economical, sociological and technological

The PEST Analysis for PC market in U.K

1921 words - 8 pages The PEST Analysis for PC market in UK Changes in interest rates, exchange rates, technology and the law are all external factors, which can affect a firm. These factors can affect the firms’ costs or the market as a whole. Changes that take place in the external environment can be evaluated and analysed by using a PEST analysis. To analyse the firms’ external environment, the following headings are used; Political, Economical, Social

PEST Analysis for a Company in the Tourism Industry

2127 words - 9 pages The Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in theworld. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in 2004Travel and tourism is expected to generate* US$ 5,490.4 billion of economic activity* 10.4% of total GDP* 214,697,000 jobs or 8.1% of total employment* 12.2% of total exports [1]My task is to conduct a PEST analysis for a company within the Tourismindustry.Within the tourism industry, I have to select one area of

PEST analysis of Siemens

716 words - 3 pages Siemens AG PESTLE AnalysisPolitical FactorsSiemens AG will be subject to legislation in any country within which they are operating. With the head office in Germany they are subject to German and European corporate law. In the U.K Siemens must obey English legislation specific to that market. For example The Trades Descriptions Act, which states that a company may not falsely advertise any of its products or services.Also effecting the company's

SWOT, PEST, Product Lifecycle, Boston Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix: Marketing Models Analysis

2857 words - 11 pages SWOT, PEST, Product Lifecycle, Boston Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix: Marketing Models Analysis Marketing strategies/models In this objective I will be analysing the different marketing models and evaluating their reliability. The marketing models I will evaluate will be SWOT and PEST analysis, the product life cycle, the Boston Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix. SWOT and PEST analysis In the previous objective, I analysed SWOT and

Ifrah Naz MAKETING PEST AND SWOT ANALYSIS: Business Marketing: Unit 3 A3

1473 words - 6 pages The Pest analysis examines the external environment and the global factors that may affect a business. This provides a quick representation of the external pressures facing a business, and their possible constraints on a business. The P.E.S.T factors are:PoliticalEconomicalSocialTechnologyPolitical:This is concerned with how political developments, regionally and internationally might affect a businesses strategy. This can include legislation

Avce business swot/pest analysis. E/C criterea. Fuse bar + smart marketing objectives

2709 words - 11 pages PEST analysisI shall now carry out a PEST analysis for my product (Fuse bar). I will look at the political, economical, social and technological factors regarding my product.PoliticalAdvertising restrictionsThere are advertising restrictions which will prevent Cadbury from doing certain things. Cadbury will not be allowed to swear, nor will they be allowed to say anything that is offensive to any one.The competition act (1998)This allows the

1. Conduct organization evaluation by using any one (1) of appropriate analysis tools ( Porter 5 Forces or PEST Analysis ( Political, Economic, So

727 words - 3 pages PEST Analysis is very important in an organization. In addition. there are also factors that can influence the performance of an organization of the company. As such, there are several factors that play an important role in a business that can bring success. There is analysis that can influence the development of an organization or company. It is the analysis of PEST analysis that include Political, Economic, Social and Technology. A PEST

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Pest Analysis

682 words - 3 pages Explain the purpose and benefits of PEST analysis.PEST analysis is used to evaluate the political, economic, social and technological influences that organizations might face when they are about to start a project. It provides external factors that organizations should take into consideration before they start the projects. In this case study, the UNISION used PEST analysis to investigate the external environment surrounding migrant workers; it

Pest Analysis

1680 words - 7 pages , is trading in products or services conducted via computer networks such as the Internet. So, nowadays, all the transactions are handled by the computerized. All the data are kept in the computer and also the interaction between two or more countries regarding the business transactions are done by the networking where is the involvement of the technology there. 2.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion, when carrying out a PEST analysis it is important to

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1043 words - 4 pages quality of the communication between the different stakeholders. Most of the discussions are handled over the phone. The company also has a problem with is general manager. He tends to be an autocratic manager and have a bad relationship with the local staff. People describe him as being unapproachable. This problem should be resolved quickly. Managers have to have a good relationship with their employees in order to achieve their objectives.Chan, Jason Y. "PEST analysis." PEST analysis (2008).

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1123 words - 5 pages In the business world strategic positioning has become unavoidable endeavor as businesses look for every means of enhancing their competitive advantage. Given the nature of the business environment, organizations are forced to exploit various analysis models to understand the external environment in which they operate in. PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis have been utilized by organizations across the globe to