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Pest Analysis For A Company In The Tourism Industry

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The Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in theworld. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in 2004Travel and tourism is expected to generate* US$ 5,490.4 billion of economic activity* 10.4% of total GDP* 214,697,000 jobs or 8.1% of total employment* 12.2% of total exports [1]My task is to conduct a PEST analysis for a company within the Tourismindustry.Within the tourism industry, I have to select one area of interestlike transportation, accommodation and transportation etc. and thenone company doing business with these sectors related with thetourism.According to Leiper ?Transportation is the only link between thetourist-generating region and destination region?[2]So, transportationwas a more interesting sector to discuss in the report but I tried tofind a company which is related with all these main sub-sectorsdiscussed above in the report.I have decided to look in the U.K market for such company because?Tourism is one of the largest industries in U.K, worth approximately75.9 £ Billion to the U.K economy in 2002 and supporting around 2.1million jobs.? [3]During my research on internet I found many companies offeringservices in the tourism of U.K but I have decided to choose ?SimplyTravel? because of its variety of services offering related with theaccommodation, transportation and attractions.1.2 Problem FormulationIn the problem formulation part of my report I would describe theoverall situation of the U.K Tourism industry. The service concept of?Simply Travel? will give us information about the services providedby the company. I will find out about the customers, competitors ofthe company. I will find out what political, economical, social andtechnological factors affecting the company and its demand situation.1.3 LimitationsThe biggest limitation for writing this report is time and the pagesto write. It is a broad topic and it could be better presented ifavailable more time and space to write about, but still I have triedto highlight some main points raised during my finding. My knowledgeabout the company ?Simply Travel? is internet-based and I could notable to contact the company for further information. Due to the lackof information about the company I will only describe one component ofthe Service Management System. I will be describing only the OT partof the SWOT analysis.1.4 MethodologyBeing inspired from the Service Management System I will describe theservice concept of the company .I will conduct a P.E.S.T analysis tofind out the political, economical, social and Technological factorsaffecting the company. From SWOT analysis, I was conducting OTanalysis to find opportunities for the ?Simply travel? in future.1.5 DataI will use Secondary data collected from different industry reportsavailable on internet for my report. Data provided in conductingP.E.S.T analysis has been taken from 22.1 Simply Travel?s Service Concept[4]Established in 1978, Simply Travel has been...

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