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Pest Analysis Report For Two Leisure Firms:

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Introduction:I was asked to prepare a PEST (political, economical, sociological and technological) analysis report for two companies of my choice. I decided to choose firms from the leisure industry and then compare them. I analysed the business environment and ethical factors that affect the leisure industries as a whole. In my report I will distinguish between the impacts on the different political, economical, sociological and technological factors and will then draw conclusions based on my analytical report.To prepare a PEST analysis report on my chosen firms, I had to research and analyse the leisure industry market as a whole.PEST Analysis of the Leisure Industry in the UK:Before starting to analyse the PEST factors that affect the leisure industry as a whole I would like to give a definition and explain the PEST Analysis. The below statement defines PEST."All the external political, economical, social-cultural and technological factors that affect the environment of a market or company"The PEST factors which impact on the leisure industry in UK are as follows:Political:* The government has tight regulations for selling alcoholic drinks in the leisure industry.* A new government could bring many changes in regulations for the leisure industry and apply for new legislation.* Government's regulation for all the closing times is different for a variety of firms that operate in the leisure industry. For example pubs and bars must stop serving at 11.00pm on the whole and nightclubs at 02:00 unless a special licence is obtained.* The government's decision to invest in leisure industry such as the National Lottery has attracted other establishments for instance gambling businesses such as casino, bookmakers and bingo.* The government is sponsoring leisure facilities resulting in some sort of ownership. Local council is also going down this path by involving in ownership or management of concert halls and local swimming pools. W* At the moment in the USA they are advertising anti smoking commercials which warn the public about ALL the dangers of smoking. In New York they have banned smoking in public but it is still legal to smoke in your own home. In the year of 2004 Dublin are going to also going to ban smoking in public. UK is also considering this type of action to prevent people from smoking. This will have a dramatic affect on the leisure industry because as we are aware that when people socialise they also like to smoke. If this ban is affective in the UK then people may also stop socialising which means pubs and clubs and other leisure companies will be at a disadvantage since most of their customers are smokers resulting in profit loss.Economical:* The Bank of England could increase interest rates and if this was so the impact on the leisure industry would be very detrimental resulting in prices rising and therefore meaning that people may be as spend thrift with their earnings.* The inflation of the country is another factor that could...

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