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Safety is paramount in what you can provide for your pet. Bear in mind that emergencies usually happen outside of standard business hours. Always have the information of a local 24 hour emergency veterinarian on hand. A collar, complete with identification and vaccine proof, can ensure your pet's legality and bring them home quickly when lost. Having a leash for your pet (especially dogs) can prevent tragic accidents and most cities have leash laws to boot. While speaking of safety, a new trend is the microchip. This device, implanted under your pet's skin by a veterinarian, provides real time GPS tracking in the event your pet is lost. A bonus is, with growing popularity, these microchips ...view middle of the document...

Animals are similar to kids in the sense that they will sacrifice health readily for something tasty and just like with kids it's important to control what they eat.
In the realm of comfort, which for animals is but a hairs' breadth difference from safety, it is imperative your pet have a bed. Your pets need their own beds, not a space a the foot of yours. Not only are you giving him his own space but you are saving yourself from quite a few problems. Even if your pet won't use the bed as intended or at all, at least store their toys there so they know that it is theirs.
Hygiene is extremely important and requires several different tools. Cats, specifically, need a litter box. Kept clean at all times and easily accessible to your cat, a litter box is an easy chore. You need a litter scoop and quality cat litter: scoop once a day, dump every 2 weeks and you have a good bathroom for your kitty. If your cat is tracking litter all over the place, you can purchase a mat to place under the litter box that works much like the mat in front of your door. For your dog it is good to have a pooper scooper or poop bags around; not cleaning up after your dog is rude and you can even get ticketed for it.
Dogs and cats need the help of nail clippers. You can have your pets' nails trimmed by your veterinarian or groomer, at a price, or you can buy clippers at the pet store and do it yourself. Most are equipped with a guard to prevent you from cutting your pet's nails too short and hurting them. If your pets' nails become too long it can affect your pets balance and ultimately cause orthopedic issues in their paws or even joint problems in their hips.
We have all heard that dog's have bad breath but that and dental( and even by-proxy cardiac) problems can easily be prevented by brushing their teeth. Doggy toothbrushes come in different forms to fit specific needs so chose the best for your pet. Don't neglect the cat either, they need it just as much as your dog. With customized toothbrushes and toothpaste in animal friendly flavors it might not be the chore you envision it to be to give your pet a healthy set of teeth.
Regular bathing and brushing is essential for your pet and helpful to you. Chose a shampoo that is specially formulated for your animal at their age and for their coat type....

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