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Pet Milk By Stuart Dybek Essay

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The world of English Literature captures the minds of millions of people worldwide. The stories that are read are new and old and continue to capture the attention of people even to this day. Each piece of literature can go in-depth into settings, themes, characterizations, have great styles and the thing most people enjoy... conflict. Most people don't understand or see the messages these pieces may have in them. Hidden sometimes within complex statements or meanings that the everyday person might not recollect. These "treasures" are waiting to be found and are gold waiting to be found.
In the story "Pet Milk", by Stuart Dybek, he uses multiple literary terms that are used in everyday life. Like previously stated, setting, theme, irony, style, and figurative language are used in many literature pieces and are extremely common within this piece. We shall break down this story in multiple pieces and review the knowledge and facts that are waiting to be discovered and find the meanings of them. Pet Milk is a great story to use as it has many of these elements and is a story not many people in the everyday world read.
To begin with, Pet Milk is told from the perspective of a young man. He is starting his day drinking a cup of coffee with a bit of pet milk and as he stares in amazement of this consumable object, it brings memories of his youth and his relationship with his girlfriend after they graduated from college. He travels through his memories explaining the things that had happened and the images it reminded him of. A great example of Imagery within this story could be such as "The can is unmistakable --- Compact, seamless looking, its very shape suggesting that it could condense milk without any troubles" (181). The amount of descriptive detail that is given creates a vivid picture within the mind of a human. Another that is located within the story could be when they are located inside the restaurant and they describe the scene when they are consuming multiple...

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