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Pet Psychology: People Who Live With A Pet Are Best Advisors

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As we discussed about pet psychology last semester I decided to write about my pet. In my opinion, people who have pets are the most suitable people to give you advice about dog or any other pet. Maybe someone is scientist or he studied dog’s behavior but real experts for dogs are people who live with them, feed them, take care of them and the most important: love them.
Seven years ago I got my first pet, golden retriever. Back then I couldn't even imagine how much he would mean to me. One day dad’s cousin told us that if we want a dog we can come to their place and pick one because they have seven of them and they can’t sell them. First we were not sure if we want a dog but in the end we ...view middle of the document...

Actually, they were acting like children. One month later Zeus and tomcat were real friends. I called him Schweppes (don’t ask me why). They were together all the time. They played and ate together, they defended one another and they even slept in Zeus’s house. On New Year's Eve, three years ago I was outside celebrating and my parents stayed at home. At two o’clock in the night Zeus started to bark. My parents thought that he will stop but he barked and barked. Finally, twenty minutes later my dad went to see what happened. Zeus stood all alone in the snow and cold. My dad noticed that he was in front of something…and that something was Schweppes. He died because he was old and he probably froze. Then the story about great friendship ended. People use to say: “They love each other like dog and cat” – for people who fight and argue a lot. I don’t like that maxim because I know how great friendship between dog and cat can be.
When we talk about characteristics, Zeus is not only persistent and courageous…he is also smart. He learned a lot of things in a short time. Now he knows what he’s allowed to do and what not. For example: he knows that he is not allowed to come into the house. He is very obedient and if you tell him “No!” he will listen to you. Also…he can catch cookie or stick if you throw...

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