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Pet Sematary Essay

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Stephen Edwin King was the son of Donald King and Ruth Pillsbury-King. He was born on September 21st, 1947 in the town of Portland, Maine. Stephen’s dad, Donald, abandoned the family when Stephen was very young. Stephen grew up with his hard working mother and his older brother, David. Stephen and his family moved around a lot throughout his childhood, but they finally settled in Durham, Maine when Stephen was eleven. Stephen was a student at Durham Grammar School, and he continued his schooling at Lisbon Falls High School and graduated in 1966.Throughout Stephen’s years in school he was an introverted child. He read many comic books and fantasy-horror fiction novels, and he loved to watch ...view middle of the document...

He wrote with a lot of dialect that was accurate for the time period and place that each novel is set in. Stephen King’s books mainly fell into the horror and mystery genre.
Stephen King wrote Pet Sematary while living in Orrington. His house was beside a very busy road that was a part of a truck route, and his daughter’s cat had been hit and killed by one of the many passing trucks. Three days after he buried his daughter's cat he got the idea for the book when he wondered what it would be like if the cat would come back to life after being buried in a Pet Cemetery. Then one day, his son, Owen, ran towards the busy road, and he and his wife had to catch him before he could reach it. This gave him the idea of a child being killed and brought back to life in the Cemetery. After he got the two ideas he began writing Pet Sematary.
The protagonist of Pet Sematary was Louis Creed. Louis was the husband of Rachel Creed, and he was the father of Gage and Eileen (Ellie). Louis and his family moved from Chicago to a busy road in Ludlow, Maine when Louis got a job at the university as a doctor. Once Louis and his family moved into the house in Ludlow, odd things began to happen. A few days after the family had settled in their neighbor, Jud Crandall, took the family up to the pet cemetery not far from their house. On Louis’s first day working at the university a boy named Victor Pascow was hit by a car and died in Dr. Creed’s care. Before dying, Victor muttered about the Pet Sematary which scared Louis. A few months later on Thanksgiving night, Ellie’s cat, Church, was struck by a car while crossing the road. Jud and Louis found the cat with a broken neck. Later that night, Jud took Louis up to the the cemetery beyond the Pet Sematary Louis was familiar with. A day after burying the cat, Louis discovered the cat had came back to life. Church was odd, began hunting small animals, and smelled of dirt when he came back, but the family loved and kept him anyways. Months later, Louis’s son, Gage, was struck and killed by a speeding truck on the highway. This was a very tragic death for the family, and it drove Louis insane. A few days after Gage’s funeral, Louis sent Ellie and Rachel to Chicago with her parents so he could dig up Gage and bury him in the cemetery they had buried Church in. When Gage came back he was very different and became evil. Gage later killed Rachel and Jud Crandall. Louis had broke down and carried Rachel up to the cemetery and buried her. She came back later that night, and came back to Louis. Louis and Jud had believed the Pet Sematary was to blame for all of the Creed’s misfortune. They believed it caused Church to cross the road, caused Gage to run into the road, caused the truck driver to speed, and caused Louis to lose his mind. Louis is the protagonist of the story because the Pet Sematary caused him to change in many ways. Louis went from a caring, smart, well rounded doctor to being insane in a short period of time. The Pet...

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