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Pete Rose And The Hall Of Fame

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Should Pete Rose be inducted into the hall of fame despite his lifetime ban from baseball? Pete Rose is known for being one of the greatest baseball players of all time, but his rough past with gambling and his lifetime ban from baseball is keeping him from entering the hall of fame. He is most known for his ability to hit the ball, and is also a two time gold glove winner, but his greatest asset that made everyone love him was his hustle, for which he was assigned the moniker ‘Charlie Hustle’. The former member of the famous “Big Red Machine” ended his career with an astounding record of 4,256 hits, after breaking the record of 4,192 hits in the previous season which was set by baseball legend Ty Cobb. Sadly he might not ever be truly recognized for these accolades because of some bad decisions’ he made after retirement while managing the Reds. They are still letting votes on letting Barry Bonds in after admitting to doing steroids, which most people feel is much worse when it comes to baseball.
In 1989, Bart Giamatti announced that Peter Edward Rose was banished from professional baseball for life. Giamatti made this decision after receiving a 225 page report of all of the suspicious activity Rose was involved, which is the “Dowd Report” (Baseball Almanac. 1989. Report to the commissioner). In 1990 Rose was arrested for not paying his taxes and spent five months in a minimum security prison. He did not report the money he accepted for signing baseballs and photographs at baseball card shows. It is still to this day not proven that Rose officially bet on the baseball team that he was managing. Evidence is not that great and it has been over ten years, yet he is still ineligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame. I think there should have to be much more solid evidence on what Rose did before they could really banish him.
They let much worse criminals continue to be a part of major league baseball, but not Pete Rose. Baseball great Ty Cobb, supposedly killed a man and was also an obscene racist, but he was admitted to the hall without any problems. Josh Hamilton was thrown in jail on multiple occasions for drug and alcohol abuse, yet they still continue to let him play even after failing his mandatory drug and alcohol tests more than once. He only had to sit out a few games, never even a full season. Alex Rodriguez has now been caught on three different occasions with performance enhancing drugs, yet he still hasn’t received anything worse than a suspension. Darryl Strawberry was also one of many players they continued to let play after being tested positive for drugs and many other problems he had with the law. Chances are that most of these criminals will never be banned for whatever they do and will not be shut out of the Hall of Fame There is also no 'absolute proof' that Pete Rose bet on the game of baseball. So, why is it that a baseball player with so many records and impressive accolades still banned? Pete Rose should be...

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