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Pete The Cat Essay

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The book I have chosen for this informative book review is “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons”. I feel that this book is an excellent read for a child because of the colorful illustrations that accompany the storyline, the interactive way the words are put to a song and the concepts it teaches children both in how to deal with things in life to the basic concepts of math and subtraction.
In the book we see the main theme or idea is that when things happen in life and go wrong one does not have to be upset but take it in a cool way. Pete demonstrates this by losing all four of his buttons on his favorite yellow shirt and not getting sad or angry but continues to do what he was doing at the moment whether it was riding his skateboard or at school.
On the front cover we see a picture of Pete the Cat who is blue wearing his favorite yellow shirt with three colorful buttons and the fourth ...view middle of the document...

He believes in sending positive messages to children through stories and song.
James Dean is the creator of Pete the Cat and has illustrated the drawings in the books. He left his engineering job to focus on drawing and his artistic abilities. Pete the Cat came about as James adopted a stray cat from a shelter. The cat was black and he named it Pete. The cat became his close friend and he started taking pictures of Pete as it was doing everyday cat things. He changed the color from black to blue seeing black cats were associated with bad luck. Pete the Cat became the inspiration behind a lot of his drawings.
The age group for this book is between 4 – 8 years and the grade level is preschool to grade 2.
The illustrations and pictures in the books enhance and support the storyline. They are very descriptive and each page shows Pete the Cat doing what he likes to do as each button falls off his shirt. The Math equations using subtraction of the buttons teach the child basic math concepts as well. The words are colorful and written in a way that they are dancing off the page in a musical way. The words are flowing in a rhyming song fashion. As each button pops off the word pop is very explosive.
There are approximately 36 pages in the hard cover book. There are illustrations and pictures on every page. There is a balance of both but the illustrations are really colorful and descriptive. The words are colorful and change font depending on what is happening and how excited Pete is.
The book begins with Pete and his four buttons and as the story progresses Pete begins to lose the buttons on his favorite shirt one by one. As he loses each button, he does not cry but responds that that’s just what happens and he keeps singing about the remaining buttons that are left. As he loses his fourth and last button Pete just looks down at his open shirt and sees his belly button saying that at least he has that and continues on his way.

I really enjoyed the book and I have checked out the other Pete the Cat books as well. I feel that this book is a great story for children and shows them that there is a positive side to things that go wrong

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