Peter's Pit Original Writing Essay

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Peter's Pit - Original Writing

He looked back along the length of his body, stretched out flat over
the crumbling chalk, his leather clad hands gripping the cold barrel
with rock-like steadiness. A gap in the bank, created when a huge
boulder had been torn from the cliff top by high winds, afforded him
an unobstructed view across his chosen zone for the day.

Known to the locals as 'Peter's Pit' - a disused quarry, a scar on the
landscape. Scraped out by other heartless men, now, miraculously,
supporting a diverse enough eco-system to get classified as a Site of
Scientific Interest. The sheer, cage like chalk cliffs once drab white
and naked now broken up by tree lines, tough undergrowth taking a hold
wherever a footing was proffered.

The area was, almost exclusively, visited by dog walkers of the nearby
villages, although one could sometimes find a nature enthusiast
peering into the turquoise ponds hoping to glimpse the elusive rare
newts that inhabit them. No one was officially allowed in except by
special permission to research the area but a sloppy installation job
meant it was easy enough to slip between the security gate and the
high concrete wall. You would have to be taken the pit by someone that
knew the way in though; someone that knew which grubby, rutted track
to turn down, someone that knew where the gap was; for it was almost
entirely hidden by overhanging vegetation - an untidy sprawl seemingly
impossible to break through but in reality no obstacle at all for
those who know. The seclusion and inaccessibility added to the
attraction for those out for a quiet walk with their dog. No worries
about noisy encounters with other dogs or having to mindlessly chat to
other walkers - indeed many wondered if only they knew about the pit
so very rarely would you see anyone else there.

He had a clear view of the largest section of the pit from his set up
high on top of the cliff walls, looking through the straggly leaves of
a small, untidy shrub down to the pit floor. Empty. Seemingly void of
life from this distance, the blanket whiteness of the chalk blending
and merging to obliterate signs of greenery. Looking through his
sights he could pick out pathetic yellow flowers and ill looking weeds
clinging desperately to the inhospitable ground. A chill of
'anticipation' ran down his spine. He refused to call it nerves; he'd
been in the game too long to be feeling nerves. Feelings of regret and
guilt of what was to come tried to force themselves into his mind.
Standing up abruptly he mentally shook himself down. He must be
getting old. Remorse was for the weak; these feelings were not the
norm. He shouldn't be thinking these kinds of things. Head down, get
on with the job. He carefully laid back down into his position and
checked his equipment, settled down for the wait and...

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