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Peter Tchaikovsky Essay

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Peter Tchaikovsky, born 1849 in Russian, is one of the world’s most legendary symphonic composers. Typically, he is commended for his unusual melodic gifts and passionate music. Tchaikovsky’s melodies are so direct and simple that a number of them have became renowned songs. Primarily a master of melancholy moods, he won recognition for his gift for emotional outbursts and dramatic climaxes found in much of his music. Tchaikovsky’s life, his importance, and famous compositions contribute to both his history, and music history.
Tchaikovsky was born on May 7 at Votkinsk, Russia. At five years old, he started taking piano lessons, and showed an early passion for music. However, his parents hoped that he would grow up to work in the civil service. He began attending the Imperial School of Jurisprudence, a boarding school in St. Petersburg at the age of ten. He enrolled a few months later at the newly founded St. Petersburg Conservatory, becoming one of the school’s first composition pupils. Although he honored his parents’ wishes by taking up a bureau clerk post with the Ministry of Justice for four years, he grew increasingly intrigued with music. When he turned 21, he resolved to take music lessons at the Russian Musical Society (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky). From 1866 to 1877, at the Conservatory of Moscow, Tchaikovsky taught harmony. He After a short lived marriage, he suffered from frequent depressions. Giving up teaching, he took to traveling and met influential people and concentrated on composition (Rosenwald 51).
He is highly respected in Russia for his operas, two of which are in found universal fame. Many of his songs, including “None But the Lonely Heart”, “The Pilgrim’s Song” and “Why?” and some of his piano works, have been reprint countless times. Tchaikovsky is not a typical Russian nationalist. He attempted to equal the operatic and symphonic achievements of the Italian, French, and German composers of his day. Consequently, he was a far more cosmopolitan composer than the...

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