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Peter The Great And His Reforms: Dbq Type Essay.

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Peter the Great DBQPeter the Great was tsar of Russia from 1682 to 1725. During his reign, Peter the Great made many reforms to Russia socially, militarily, and economically. These changes proved to have a positive effect on Russia, making his reign one of the greatest.As the tsar of Russia, Peter the Great enforced many social reforms. He was very influenced by Western European ideas and incorporated many of them into Russian society. Throughout their history, Russian males wore long beards. After viewing European styles, Peter declared that all men, except peasants and priests were to cut off their beards and if they refused, they were to pay one hundred rubles a year. Peter also passed a reform of proper attire for Russians. Nobles originally wore long garments that had touched the floor but Peter abolished this and ordered them to be influenced by French style fashion and accessorize their clothing with gold or silver jewelry. The rest of the men were told of the new fashions and were expected to follow these styles. Women also had a change in appropriate appearance. The new chosen way of dress was very similar to the English. Jean Rousset de Missy writes in the Life of Peter the Great, "The dress of women was changed, too. English hairdressing was substituted for the caps and bonnets hitherto worn; bodices, stays, and skirts, for the former undergarments…." (Document 2) Peter also took the European idea of women choosing who they wish to marry rather than their parents assign their husbands for them. These social changes were some of the many that began to modernize Russia.Peter the Great is credited with greatly improving Russia's military. He established the first Russian navy in 1696. Before his rule, the Russian Army was very limited. He rearranged and enlarged the Russian army similar to that of European models. According to document 3, Russian Peter the Great and the Russian Empire, "Under Peter, the army drafted soldiers for lifetime terms from the taxpaying population, ands it drew officers from the nobility and required them to give lifelong service in either military or civilian administration."(Document 3) He established the first Russian navy in 1696. This navy brought in many foreign exporters. By the year of his death, the navy had 48 ships and 800 galleys. Peter the Great felt very strongly about the Russian military and was very devoted to it. Paul Milikov describes Peter's dedication, "In all of Peter's activity we find nothing more deeply rooted, almost to the point of instinct, no other guiding idea other than this...

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