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Peter The Great This Essay Is About What Changes Peter The Great Made During His Reign In Russian... Other Than That If U Have Any Questions Ask Me

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From 1682 to his death in 1725 Peter I, or Peter the Great, ruled over Russia as Tsar. Peter was different from most Tsars in his beliefs and way of life. He enjoyed the west and many of the things that came from there. He liked all types of technology, and liked to learn about everything around him, from the human body to warfare. He felt that Russian must modernize and westernize. He also thought that it was necessary for them to adopt the culture and technology that Europe used. Some of this technology was used in warfare, which was one of Peter's interests. Yet, historians still wonder, did he deserve the title 'Great'?Peter was a very physically powerful person; he was about seven feet tall. Yet even if he was 4 feet tall he could still have demanded respect. He was a very smart person, and at the same time he was ill-mannered, and impolite.He hated everything about Moscow, especially the Kremlin. He hated the ornate and overly beautiful ceremonies and all illogical traditions, of Moscow. He was a true man's man. He enjoyed eating, smoking, drinking, making love, and having a good time.Peter's army, first known as the Streltsi, was a group of considerably good fighters. Yet they were not good enough. The Streltsi had revolted three times and after the third time, in 1698, Peter had the leaders put to death and the rest banished to Astrakhan. He had to build up a new army and make it better than before. He brought in foreign officers to train the army in modern tactics. Peter asked for all free men to join the army. He also asked that towns and landowners send men for the army. After the men were trained, he replaced the foreign officers with the sons of landowners in Russia. All of these men were drafted for life.The most important and biggest battle for his army was the Battle of Poltava, on June 27, 1709. In this battle Peter's army defeated Charles XII of Sweden's army. This was a key victory for Peter's army because this proved that it was ranked among the best in Europe.Russia's Navy did not exist before Peter's reign. He needed to build a modern fleet. He used help from foreign countries to create his navy. As with the army, he utilized foreign officers to help to train his men. Also he had an Englishman to come to Russia to teach navigation and other important skills for the navy.The most important battle for the navy was the Battle of Cape Hangö, in 1713. Once again one of Peter's military forces fought the Swedes. The Swedish Admiral surrendered to Peter. This victory confirmed that the Russian navy was the best in all of northern Europe. Russia had become a powerhouse of military strength. Even Great Britain was frightened by Russia's awesome power.Peter needed a strong industrial force within his country; otherwise his army and navy would not have proper supplies. At first he tried to entice wealthy, noble families to start up some form of industry. He said that anyone starting up any industry could pay no taxes for a short...

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2034 words - 8 pages changed the old Russian calendar to the Julian calendar used in the west. Therefore, years were to be counted from the birth of Christ, not the creation of the world, and they were to start on the first of January, not the first of September.The Great Northern War, which was fought against Sweden, became a new priority for Peter. This war lasted from 1700 to 1721. During Peter's journey out west, he made some great alliances, which would prove to be

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1580 words - 6 pages modernizing his people and their living conditions. One thing that was not consistent in the resources that I used was what Peter's intentions really were. The video on Peter the Great seemed to infer that Peter wanted to modernize Russia, and to do this he needed to strengthen his army and create a navy. The class text book on the other hand implies that Peter's main goal was to create a strong and powerful army, and that the 'westernization' of

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1148 words - 5 pages learned from a variety of specialists what he wanted to know most about military and naval matters, as well as geometry, and the erection of fortifications. He also felt much more at ease than in the conservative, tradition-bound palace environment, which he never accepted as his own. He wouldn't judge people by their background, but by what they knew and what they were able to do. Throughout his reign his assistants comprised an astonishingly

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1939 words - 8 pages , and about 270 persons set out to travel Europe. Peter took 10 companions and sailed down the Rhine River to Holland. He ended up in Zaandam, which is a village near Amsterdam. There he learned shipbuilding, and it is rumored that even made ships himself, by hand. With no more to learn in Holland Peter, and his embassy, departed England.Peter, adventurous as always, decided to climb the uppermost galleries of the Parliament. He visited the town of

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902 words - 4 pages The quote “The ideas and beliefs of philosophers and leaders have led to changes in the nation and regions,” is a perfect example of the changes made by Peter the Great during the time he ruled. Tsar Peter I, better known as Peter the Great lived an adventurous life from the year 1672 to the year 1725. Peter the Great was an absolute ruler who reigned from 1682 to 1689. Peter the Great had many goals, beliefs, and accomplishments that he

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837 words - 4 pages many people because they did not listen and how he would get drunk and party with his people. It also says something about how the people did not think he was a smart person because he did not have a lot of education. The book showed otherwise, it showed that he was a man with good tendencies and a man who was very smart in the way he wanted everything to be. Peter the Great was not only trying to build his country up, he wanted what was best

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485 words - 2 pages bring back every bit of technology and wisdom possessed by the western part of the world. Throughout his reign he brought Russia up from the proverbial dumps, and placed it among the world powers throughout the known world. Not only did he use his intelligence and determination to put Russia in this position, but also his natural ability to command and lead armies into battle.Frederick the Great, along with his militaristic father, took Prussia from

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1773 words - 8 pages ) Foreigners moved to Russia to offer their advice and skills. This was encouraged by Peter the Great himself. This was especially for building the Russian capital city Saint Petersburg. The capital is named after the pervious tsar himself, the capital symbolized Russia’s opening to the West. (Hunt, Martin, Rosenwein & Smith, 2012) Government and finance in Russia was reorganized on Western models. Like other absolute rulers, strengthened his army

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1808 words - 8 pages made for smarter youth and a more westernized Russia. The young adults would learn about the new technologies and the economy, that way when they came back they were already well educated and ready to do great things as Peter did. Another huge factor in the westernization of Russia were all of the changes that went on in the military under Peter the Greats rule. Peter even changed his title from Tsar to Emperor for a more powerful sounding name