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For over ninety years, human beings have been getting from place to place using gas powered cars. However, it was not until a few years ago, that scientist began to realize that the exhaust from the cars was a serious environmental danger. This is when car companies began considering an alternative for car fuel. One ingenious idea was to use electricity to power the car. However, when car companies realized the extreme price to manufacture just one electric car, they dropped the idea and continued manufacturing gas powered cars. However car companies should continue manufacturing electric cars, because they would clean up the environment, they are more efficient, and electric cars are less likely to break down. It is for these reasons that I believe car companies should begin manufacturing electric cars, and do away with the pollution making, gas powered cars.There is no doubt that the gas powered car is an extreme environmental hazard in our world today. Its exhaust eats away at the atmosphere and thus, poses humans with extreme solar related diseases. It is for this reason that I believe car companies should reconsider manufacturing electric cars. Not only would it save the environment, but in the near future it would save car companies money. The design of an electric car is relatively uncomplicated, and as the demand for the electric cars begins rising, the price to build an electric car will lower, thus making the car companies' job easier. Hence, the creation of electric cars would benefit both man kind, and the car companies.Furthermore, electric cars are more efficient than gasoline-powered cars. Pure electric cars do...

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980 words - 4 pages imports or simply saving money on gas. Hybrid, electric and biodiesel cars are only a few of the many of alternatives available to achieve these goals. Perhaps if everybody was aware of these options, they would be more willing to make environmentally friendly choices when purchasing a car.

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