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Animals Are Not Equal To Humans

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The oil has always been on top. Always. The water has always been on bottom. Always. In a bottle, oil is always considered to be on top, the steadier, important substance, at a higher level than water. Oil is at the top of the liquid chain. Then again, they are both liquids and have similar characteristics; does that mean water and oil should be on the same level? Should they be considered the equal? Many people agree that animals should have some rights. Animal rights, by definition, is an animal’s right to live free from human caused suffering. However, what is continually debated is what kind of rights animals ought to have. Should animals be considered an equal to the human species or be kept below them? Although animals share many attributes with human beings, there are too many differences between them for them to be considered equal.
First of all, animals do not need to be equal or have the same privileges because of their basic needs. There are 3 main necessities: food and water, shelter, and a habitat . Food and water for them to eat and drink, shelter to protect them from predators and bad weather, and a habitat to live in and interact with others (“The Basic Needs of Animals”). Considering the fact animals’ sole purpose in life is to survive and continue their species, certain liberties are of no concern to these creatures and would be wasted on them: the right to drive, the right to vote, the freedom to walk through streets without leashes, and the freedom to eat whatever they like. So of course, it would be unrealistic to say animals are equal to humans when more than half of what humans do does not matter to them.
What most animal rights activists would say is animals should not be discounted for their intelligence, and it is true (“Animals are Equal to Humans”). A person’s intelligence does not matter when it comes to having the same rights as everyone else, so why should an animal? On the other hand, animals simply do not have the same type of brains as humans. Although animals can do wondrous amazing things, “none ever developed the technologies to build a Hoover Dam or Aswan High Dam” (Stiver, “Animals are not the Moral Equivalent of Humans”).
In addition, letting animals act like humans could endanger them. Humans have the right, unfortunately, to do certain things even when they know that it is harmful to them. Many humans like to smoke or drink and do not care about how it harms their body. Animals, who have no way of knowing if something is dangerous in the human world until after they have encountered it, may get seriously sick or hurt. For example, if a dog was considered equal, he would be allowed to eat chocolate whenever he likes. The dog would then get critically sick. In society today, it is obvious protecting an animal’s welfare is paramount. Humans should always be over animals to protect them from dangers that they wouldn’t know otherwise.
Water loves to be free and do whatever it likes. It is its true...

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