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Peyton Manning Vs Tom Brady Essay

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“Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the preeminent QBs of their generation (Battista and Breer).” Two quarterbacks, from two completely different backgrounds, are fighting for supremacy among all the men to quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). Football in the day and age today is a landscape unlike a few centuries ago. On paper just about any coach in the NFL would start Peyton Manning, former first pick in the 1998 draft, over Tom Brady, former one hundred and ninety ninth pick in the 2000 draft, just based on where each player was selected. Looks, although appealing, doesn’t reflect the careers of two of the greatest QBs in NFL history. Manning is a former number one selection, who has done nothing but live up to and exceed expectations. Brady was selected five rounds later at one hundred and ninety nine, and has done nothing but turned doubters into believers. In the midst of the madness, which player stands forsaken as the greatest quarterback of their generation?
An athlete’s college career is something seldom used when determining the best players at each position to play professional football. To seriously distinguish between whether Manning or Brady is the best quarterback of their generation their college careers must be carefully examined. Manning, a farm-boy, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 24, 1976 ("Peyton Manning Career Biography and Statistics |"). His father attended Ole Miss, where he is very well known, but Peyton, when making his decision chose to attend the hated University of Tennessee. As a Tennessee Vol, Peyton Manning, not only set records, but also posted astronomical numbers. He won his first start as quarterback, 10-9 against Washington State, and lead the team to and 8-4 season as just a freshman, which included a 45-23 Virginia Tech win during the Gator Bowl ( As a sophomore, Manning, led his Vols to a 10-1 record, which not only included marquee wins over Alabama and a Citrus Bowl win over Ohio State, but also a sixth place finish in votes for the Heisman Trophy (Utsports.Com). Despite going 11-2 in his junior year, the team lost, for the second year in a row, to Florida and was surprisingly upset by an underdog, in the Memphis Tigers (Utsports.Com). Leading up to his senior year, Peyton had an opportunity to graduate early and be selected number one overall in the 1997 NFL Draft, but he choose to return to the University of Tennessee for his final year. That year he led them to a 12-1 record, while still coming up short to a seemingly unbeatable Florida team, for the third year in a row, 30-22 (Utsports.Com). After four seasons as a Tennessee Volunteer, Peyton Manning, complied 47 games played, 1,381 attempts, 836 completions, a completion percentage of 62.5%, 11,201 passing yards, 33 interceptions, and 89 passing touchdowns (Utsports.Com). Although Manning put up cosmic college football numbers, do they solidify him as the greatest quarterback of his...

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