Pfizer's Rise To Success And How To Maintain It.

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Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company that produces various medicines and is in the business of making sick people feel better. Their mission and purpose is to become the worlds most valued company and they dedicate themselves to "humanity's quest for longer, healthier, and happier lives." The Pfizer Company came into existence in 1849, when two young entrepreneurs from Germany named Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart borrowed $2,500 from Pfizer's father. They purchased a building on Bartlett and Tompkins Street in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. They started their business with the concept to make chemicals that at that time were not produced within the United States. The first product they ever produced was called Santonin. It was used to treat intestinal worms, which was common during the mid-19th century. The major problem with Santonin was that it was so bitter, no one wanted to take it. Pfizer handled this problem by blending Santonin with an almond toffee flavoring. This innovation led to a huge increase in demand and soon raw materials from around the world were pouring in and dozens of chemicals were pouring out. By 1897, they established an office on Beekman Street in what was the heart of Manhattan's drug and chemical district.The Pfizer Company has had much success by being able to capitalize on what was going on in the world. For example, during the Civil War the demand for painkillers and disinfectants went sky high and Pfizer was able to expand production on drugs such as Iodine and Morphine to help the union doctors treat the injured union soldiers. Quality, innovation, and customer focus is what characterized Pfizer during its early days and would be huge assets as the company moved into the 20th century and into an increasingly competitive marketplace.As the Pfizer Company moved into the 20th century, their research and development team was able to create cutting edge medicines able to treat a variety of very serious diseases. Some examples are Norvasc, which treats high blood pressure, Lipitor, which helps lower your cholesterol, and Glucotrol, which helps diabetics make insulin. This took a large investment by the Pfizer Company to help get their research and development team going but are now reaping the benefits. Norvasc for example is now the leading cardiovascular medicine in the world today. Recently, $2.5 billion dollars have been spent every year by the research and development team to try and make some advancement on diseases such as cancer, asthma, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Hopefully, their success will continue in these fields as well.With all of the good Pfizer has done with their advancements in the field of medicine, there are some people who have some...

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