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Pharmacy Major: Minimum Requirements For A Career In Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Major
A medical profession that releases drugs to patients as prescribed by a doctor, best describes a pharmacist (Kelly 7). The medical profession must have adequate knowledge on how drugs react with the bodies of human beings. In addition, a competent pharmacist knows the reaction of a mixture of various drugs. Notably, skills in measurement and packaging of drugs are essential in a pharmacy profession. This is because excess or insufficient amounts of drugs may lead to fatal incidences or drug resistance. More importantly, a pharmacist only assists the physicians and clinicians in administering drugs to patients. As a result, it is not the duty of a pharmacist to recommend medication to patients. The path to a fully qualified pharmacist is long and rigorous.
In the modern world, four-year training in pharmacy is below the average requirements. In most of the cases, a minimum of six years is the standard training duration (Crouch 19). However, ...view middle of the document...

After a successful completion of the Pharmacy College Admission Test and the undergraduate coursework in pharmacy, a student proceeds to the Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree. Pharm.D is a thorough training that entails of up to ten rotations in distinct pharmaceutical environments. In addition, a single rotation takes one month or one and a half months to complete. A pharmaceutical student can only take a minimum of seven such rotations. After graduation, an individual with the Doctorate of Pharmacy degree faces two options. To begin with, a graduate may choose to apply for a license to practice as a professional pharmacist. In such a case, a candidate requests the Pharmacy Board to sit for a pharmacy license examination.
Moreover, a graduate with a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree may forego the license application and opt for fellowship and residency (Crouch 61). In a case where a graduate chooses the second alternative, residency and fellowship, there is additional clinical training that may take two to three years. Successful completion of pharmaceutical studies guarantees a graduate a job in various work settings. For instance, a trained profession may get a job in both private and public hospitals; corporations; retail pharmacies; non-governmental organizations, and many other lucrative working places.
It is vital to note that there is a possibility of obtaining a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree in six years. This occurs where an individual is certain of becoming a pharmacist during his or her initial stages in college (Galt 37). However, many college candidates are not sure of the career that they want to pursue. As a result, such students delay in making the right choices that in turn prolongs the duration of pharmacy training. It is, therefore, crucial for a potential pharmacist to make the right decisions early enough in order to save on time and other resources such as money.

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