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Pharmacy: Where Serving Others Is The Key To Success

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Where Serving Others Is the Key to Success

“Those who believe in the importance of serving others should lead the way by fighting against the temptation we all have, and maybe, especially as we age, to close in upon ourselves.” As many look into pharmacy, a main point is regarded as how much they reach out to help others in need. With this career, the goal of the pharmacist is to assist the ones who can not assist themselves. Moreover, there are many other responsibilities that come with this career. A pharmacist serves patients by dispensing medication to the public, giving pharmacological information to health care providers, selling over the counter medications in community businesses, and much more. These responsibilities come with the desire to push and work through the many difficult tasks that are associated with this career. When examining the field of pharmacy, many details are needed to understand the job, such as the history, the educational background, and the on-the-job activities including the benefits and hazards this job contains. As time continues to pass, pharmacy is taking on a major role in the heath care society as well as many other roles they must continue to fill.
Along with the tasks that pharmacists peruse today, the origin of the career goes back to the early seventeenth century. Since King James I established Western society’s first independent pharmacist guild in England during the 17th century, pharmacy has held a central role in health care (Zebroski 1). The word pharmacy itself goes back in time to the Greeks. Around the time of Aristotle, the workers who compounded drugs were known as pharmakons. As the word has changed a little, the original and present form of the word still has the same objective: to compound drugs or medications (Morkes 2:221). Early pharmacists prepared medication in the same concept as today; by dispensing remedies while offering front-line medical advice to their customers. As time passed, Edward Parish of American Pharmaceutical Association became interested in the field of pharmacy and later on successfully proposed that members of the national professional organization consider all of the pharmacy pharmaceutical practitioners “pharmacists.” Before 1951, pharmacists were able to dispense medications without the need of any prescriptions; however, the roles changed in 1951 when the Federal legislation changed the rule. They demanded with the passage of the Durham-Humphrey Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, that pharmacists must change their ways and now needed a physician’s prescription to give many medications. While there were many pharmacists that were focused only on the medications, the main priority later became to dispense not only the medication to the needy, but to dispense the product safely. Moreover, during the 1980s, pharmacy began to expand majorly. Many say this was caused by a professional movement called clinical pharmacy- a movement...

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