Pharmsim Simulation Paper. This Paper Shows, How To Implement The Marketing Strategies In Pharmsim Simulation.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYI. Mission StatementAll-star Brands Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of packaged goods in the world. The Pharmaceutical Division manufactures and markets both ethical and over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help improve human health. The mission of All-star is to provide both the consumer portion of the market, with products that help improve human health and also the internal environment of All-star. We are striving to produce cutting edge remedies for the common cold and allergy symptoms, while maintaining the highest market share, with opportunities and beneficial work with a satisfying yield of return.II. Marketing ObjectivesThe objective of the All-star marketing plan in the upcoming 12 months is to:Invest in adding products such as Alright.Increase Sales Force from 174 to over 200.Maintain promotional allowance since Brand Awareness is high--increase if necessary, depending on retention ratio.Consider reformulating product with available ingredients to better suit consumer needs.Increase All-Round+ Brand Awareness from 51.0% to 70% within the next two years.To increase All-Round Brand Awareness back to the top spot.To increase Brand Trial for All-Round+ from 7.4% to 20% within two years.Increase the stock price 27.17 to somewhere over fifty in the next two years.Increase Utilization from 77.7% to 87%.Increase Gross Margin from $192 to around $250(in millions).III. SWOT ANALYSISStrengthsAll-Round is the leading product in the cold and allergy market. All-Round has the second highest Brand Awareness, high percentage of Brand Trials, and a high customer retention ratio. All-Round obtained the highest conversion ratio. All-Round promotions have allowed the consumers to become familiar with our product, enabling us to cut back on our advertising expenses.All-Round+ has one of the highest customer retention ratios. Coughing and chest congestion were the two leading symptoms. All-Round+ has an expectorant in it which helps clear up chest congestion, which is one of the highest reported symptoms. All-Round + does not have alcohol as an ingredient, which is appropriate for customers who want to avoid feeling drowsy after taking the medications.WeaknessesSpecial attention needs to be given to the strategic planning of the product. Hasty decisions must be avoided. A thorough understanding of the market, the leading competitors, and how to effectively allocate the money provided in the budget will help determine a strategic plan for marketing All-Round. All-Round is in the maturity stage and quickly coming to the declining stage. All of these issues need to be taken into consideration because it has a direct effect on the stock price and net income of the company. Currently, our stock price and net income are low; these need to be raised and it can only do so by having a clear cut strategic plan in place.All-Round + has low brand trials at 7.4 %, which needs to increase rapidly. It also has low conversion ratio,...

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