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Phase 1 Gate Checklist: Healthcare Essay

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Phase 1 Gate Checklist: Healthcare
For organizations to continue to be profitable they need to be innovative by increasing products and services that are available to the public. This includes creating new products and services as well as updating the products and services that are currently being offered. The healthcare sector is not an exception to this rule. They need to continually find ways to accommodate more consumers, increase profits, and reduce costs. This is done by an innovative process that begins with the three phases of the managed front end and the five phases of new product development (NPD) (Product Innovation Educators, 2012). Each of the phases is then ...view middle of the document...

This includes refining the problem, keeping the consumers in the forefront, understand the problem and what provides value, and finally producing the best solution to the problem (Product Innovation Educators, 2012). Once all of this information is determined the project team will present their information to gate team members to determine if the project should continue on to the next phase, stay on the current phase, or be discontinued.
Gate Meeting Checklist
Idea: Date:
Item: Comments/Notes: Score: 1 to 5
Fit to the mission of Centura Health?
Fit to the vision statement of Centura Health?
Concept Statement
Protocol Statement
SWAT analysis
Project requirement documentation
VOC research and concept test results
Project plan
Detailed business plan
Marketing plan
Program/Road map
Risk analysis
Regulatory agency plans
Recommendation by project team
Total Score
Decision: Go, kill, park, send back for more information, refer

Process Manager
The process manager is an expert whose role is to improve the processes of the NPD practice (Jurgens-Kowal, 2010). Also, they are meant to train the NPD team on evaluation methods and guidelines (Jurgens-Kowal, 2010). According to Jones (2014) there are five important roles for the process manager, they need to be an expert with the NPD process, an educator, a scorekeeper, a facilitator, and an interpreter. According to Forbes (2012) the process managers are a senior management team member that understands the operation requirements of the business and corporate strategy. They need to be committed to process improvement and management ideas (Forbes, 2012). The most important aspect of their position is to make sure the team is focused on the business...

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