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Phenomenology And Architecture Essay

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Phenomenology can be deemed to be both an unambiguous academic research field and a theoretical design current within contemporary architecture and is usually founded on one’s experience of the materials used in construction inclusive of their sensory characteristics. In this regard, architecture is the impetus towards transformation and inspiration of an individual’s daily existence. Unlike other forms of art, architecture employs the immediacy of an individual’s sensory perception. The complete architectural experience is dependent on many factors such as details, materials, texture, color phenomena, transparency and shadows, time passage, etc. There is the huge phenomenon that phenomenology does not exist in architecture but rather the problems associated with it. This theory is very debatable and this paper will aim at expounding on some of the aspects associated with phenomenology.

Acoustical Intimacy Science
The ear, which is the organ that the body uses to achieve acoustical intimacy, is capable of defining a space and the resultant effect is a sculptural image encrypted in the deep parts of the mind. Acoustic science dictates that sound can be softened or refracted by the surfaces of copious entities of personal life. All spaces and buildings posses individual characteristic sounds of monumentality or intimacy, hostility or hospitality and invitation or rejection. The ability to hear generates a sense of solidarity and connection contrary to the ability to see which creates a feeling of solitude. The sound of a friend approaching you behind your back definitely has a charge filled with emotion as the surrounding surfaces places us in unswerving communication with the space as the sound makes the scale of space comprehensive besides measuring it. The ears are known to stroke the space edges although most contemporary cities have lost their echo effects.

Time and Solitude
Silence is another element that can be married strongly with solitude and time. Tranquility is known to be the most vital auditory experience that is created by architecture. Architecture is known for the presentation of construction drama silenced into matter and space besides gaining definition as the art of terrifying silence . External noise is known to be silenced by architectural experience as it centers interest on an individual’s very own existence. Like any other existing form of art, architecture ensures that an individual is enlightened about fundamental solitude. At one fell swoop, architecture plays the role of isolating individuals from the present situation and permits the individual in this particular scenario to the firm and slow flow of tradition and time. Cities and buildings can also be museums and instruments of time. They also aid us in the observation and comprehension of history’s transition. ...

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