Phenomenon Book The Secret, And A New Earth Spirituality Ala Oprah Winfrey: How The Church Respond?

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Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal figure . From the queen of talk show that touches the heart , recently crowned as the prophetess he began the New Age Movement ( New Age Movement ) . His image is being shifted , from the most popular presenters become a controversial figure because of his statements - statements which are considered attacking the uniqueness of the Christian faith . Just type his name in Youtube or Google Search , you will find a lot of praise and criticism on him , specifically from Christian circles . A Christian apologetics website menuturkannya thus :

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" With the support of the TS teachings of famous writers such as Jack Canfield ( author of the best-selling series Chicken Soup in Indonsia even among Christians ) and John Gray ( man Are from Mars ... ) , do not be surprised if in Indonesia welcome the book is also very widespread .
Even more powerful , even though the popularity does not necessarily equate to influence , but in the case of TS , this book seems to have it both ways . TS influence has been felt even by the Christian community in Indonesia . Why not ? Ranging from high school students to professors , pastors and Christian professionals , who believe there is , teach and practice the TS book . Not surprisingly , in some companies , led by Christians , training based on the philosophy of TS is also rife . They had usually say , "That's right you know. After practicing this book , the results were real " .
Unlike the famous TS , the book A New Earth Tolle 's work is not yet well known in Indonesia . However, with the support of Oprah charms of this book has been widespread in the world like a huge wave . It was reported that more than 2,000,000 people from 139 countries participated with Oprah and Tolle in a live web-based seminars that discuss each chapter of this book . With numbers like that , of course bombastic Christians need to provide a critical assessment of the teaching of what is being distributed by the book .
In this brief article , we will highlight to the philosophy of The Secret and A New Earth , in particular the concept of ultimate reality ( God ) and the relation with the universe and human . Especially for a book of TS, a rather extended conversation with the law of attraction to give insight to the reader at a glance . Furthermore , the author will deliver a comparative perspective between TS and A New Earth with the teachings of the Bible , which will be followed by a critical analysis of the philosophy and theology in the second book . In the concluding section , the author will give some recommendations for the church in addressing spirituality a la Oprah Winfrey trend .


The Secret ( TS ) is not just a movie and a regular book . Unlike most self-help books and motivational focus to equip you to achieve success or happiness , the book offers a fairly complete frame of mind about everything . You can find the concept of life , money , relationships , and health , but also the concepts of who God is , man , and the purpose of human life in the world . Is not that interesting ?

The Law of Attraction
The majority of readers or those who watched the movie TS thinks that law of attraction is the essence of the movie / book TS . Secrets which became the title of this book is the existence of the law of attraction in life . The secret is said to have been understood by all the great people and great in the past but has been hidden from us . Now the book TS trying to express to people who live in this era .
In explaining this secret , TS stated...


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