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Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Answer: I want to be a star.

Why is this the most common answer for any child to ask? At 6 years old, it seems that the only star they would be familiar with would be a star in the sky. Although the star in the sky and a star on the stage in theory are light years away from the presence of a six-year-old child, it still doesn’t stop people from wanting to attain that coveted dream. People who want to be a star don’t even know what kind of art they would want to create, they just want adoring fans, or people who they they have some superiority over.
In this body of work, I will be presenting the ethics [among other theories and standpoints] of what it takes to be a star. Throughout this course, we have discovered other philosophical bodies of work, how different standpoints and theories can either correlate together or how they can make things fall apart. Throughout this paper, I will embark on a philosophical excursion to see if my original standpoint is true. I believe that a certain look, tied along with somewhat evil ethical practices fuel the machine that keeps the music industry going. Although I am an aspiring entertainment industry professional this paper has nothing to do with me and has everything to do with my standpoint. Stardom whether it is music, film, art or reality is something that a lot of young people seem to grapple with. The idea of living a charmed life through song and dance is something that is on the minds of many people, young and old.

What does it take to be a star?
In hindsight, the music industry is supposed to be a gathering of strategists, public relations savants and keen eyed business people who champion themselves on knowing what the newest trends are, how to mold clay into glazed pottery and most importantly, how to make major capital off of it. These musical statements, how relevant their content is to the lives of people and how people perceive what they hear and see, influence a plethora of opinions.
As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, stardom is this foreign body that a lot of people want to surmount. You will hear a lot of people say that it is their “dream” to be a star- but if they are dreaming, it is certain they they are in a metaphysical state and not in a “present state where they can entertain such thoughts while awake. One of the more primary texts discussed in class were “Ultimate Questions: Thinking About Philosophy Third Edition by Nils Rahut”. On page 54 we are introduced to a larger theory of the dream argument. “Descartes, for example, considered not only the possibility that we might be dreaming, but also the possibility that there might exist a devious and power-full demon that uses all its powers to deceive us. Descartes called such a being an evil genius and argued that we could not be certain that such a being does not exist. When someone is dreaming of being a star, is this some evil demon that is prompting him or her to do...

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