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Thesis: How Aristotle’s argument differs between good and bad self-love between perfect and imperfect love.
Aristotle defines “self-love [as] a component of friendship [which] indentifies self-love with selfishness,” (Senay, Suzanne. Canadian Scholars’ Press: Custom Coursebook Series. “Philosophy of Love and Sex – Second Edition.” pg. 31, 11.5/11.51) he also describes two kinds of love, which is good, and bad self-love, in which he believes that the only good kind of self-love should love.
Aristotle believes that the bad-self lover is narcissistic who is only in it for himself, his own self-interests and believes that he himself, matters more than anything else; therefore will stop at ...view middle of the document...

Enforcing someone not to be at their happiest.
The good-self lover and friendships are similar because, unlike the bad kind of self-love, they do not act in their own self-interests, and are willing to forfeit their own money. “For it is said that we must love most the friend who is most a friend; and one person is most a friend to another if he wishes goods to the other for the other’s sake.” (Senay, Suzanne. Canadian Scholars’ Press: Custom Coursebook Series. “Philosophy of Love and Sex – Second Edition.” pg. 31, 11.52) Aristotle certainly agrees with this but further states that “these are features most of all [to] one’s relation to oneself; … [and] since we have said that all the features of friendship extend from oneself to others.” (Senay, Suzanne. Canadian Scholars’ Press: Custom Coursebook Series. “Philosophy of Love and Sex – Second Edition.” pg. 31, 11.52.)
Aristotle says love isn’t conditional if it doesn’t depend on a quality but if it depends on a quality it is conditional. Within unconditional love and friendships this is certainly supported when you take into account that Aristotle believes that friendships will be sacrificing actions towards one another when your friend takes the responsibility instead of yourself, “since it may be finer to be responsible for his friend’s doing the action than do it himself.” (Senay, Suzanne. Canadian...

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