Phil Essay On "Why God Allows Evil Into The World" The Teacher Really Liked It!

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Philosophers have looked for ways to explain God's existence for centuries. One such argument that the believer must justify in order to maintain the possibility of God's existence is the problem of evil. In this paper I will argue God has a good reason to allow evil. Let me clarify some of the terms I will be using. First, in reference to "free will" I mean, people making decisions completely unaltered by God forcing, knowing or unknowing, them to make to make those decision. Also, good meaning acting in a constructive, positive, beneficial to personal and public health. Evil meaning destructive, unhealthy and harmful actions towards themselves and others.I believe that there is free will only if allowed the choice of good or evil, which is why God allows evil in the world. Evil can only exist if there is the counterpart choice of good.Using our free will, when good is chosen, leads to good and great things. To toss a dollar to the beggar on the street or to volunteer at a homeless shelter, contributing time and compassion helps spread good to one person, one minute at a time. Say, if your presence at the homeless shelter assists just one person to instigate a change in their life for the better, that is the good that created by free will. When a young boy is walking to church to participate in a service project and encounters his friends en route and they invite him to go break the windows on old widows house down the street, he refuses andcontinues on to the service project where many acts of good and kindness were committed, that is yet another example of free will and the good it causes..Some would say, even if we need some evil for free will, we don't need this much evil. I assume they mean some of the physical human induced catastrophes that plague the world. The poverty and wretched living conditions of millions around the world. The gut wrenching images brought to us by the media of severely emancipated children in third world countries and diseases, such as AIDS, brought on by carelessness and negligence of man over the years. Why do we need act of wickedness such as The Holocaust or 9/11 to provide...

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