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A key moment that impacted my educational experience as a student was my freshman year in my English Pre-AP class. My teacher at that time was Ms. Wiseman; I would list her as one of my top ten teachers of my educational career. Ms. Wiseman made such an impact on my life because she cared. When you walked into her classroom, you could feel the love. She always had a kind word for each student, she was patient, she always incorporated her humor to keep the lesson plan interesting, and the students could see that she really enjoyed her job. My freshman year was also an adjustment time for me since I had just moved to Texas and had no friends going into high school. Ms. Wiseman could see that ...view middle of the document...

” These ethics seem like common sense statements, but many teachers are not able to follow them. I believe to become a teacher it’s a calling, not a profession. Morals are not taught, they are learned. As a teacher, we have to be able to pass on knowledge to our students, but we also have to set the examples for our students inside and outside the classroom; by teaching skills and the right attitude. As a teacher, if we can lead by good examples and teach our students’ compassion to each other we will create a generation of good moral citizens in the community. I believe that all students should have an opportunity to participate. I don’t believe in the thought that everyone gets a trophy for participating, but I feel that every student should get encouragement. I feel that if each student gets an opportunity, they may get exposed to something they might not have tried before and develop a passion for that activity.

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“All education is environmental education.” I believe that Orr’s is stating that environmental education is about teaching students to be aware and understand the environmental issues that we face. Once they are aware of the issue, then they will be a more responsible individual or group. I agree with his statement; it’s not about just providing environmental facts, but it gives a student the opportunity to problem solve, use critical thinking, and develop successful decision making tools. This process also involves experimenting, observing, measuring, and data gathering, which is beneficial in a Biology class. An example of making education into environmental education in the classroom is to set up a recycling station. The teacher can have students have bins to collect paper, tin, aluminum, and plastic. Once a week have students measure the amount of garbage that has been reduced with the addition of the recycling station. The students can see the impact they are having in reducing the amount of waste that the school is producing. “The way learning occurs is as important as the content of particular courses.” I believe that a student cannot learn about the environment without having experiences in nature. I can explain to my students that the grass is green, if I never take my students outside to experience the grass; they will never truly understand. I definitely agree with Orr’s statement. An example of using this theory is to create a wildlife station on the school’s campus. With approval from the principal, the students can plant native plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Once the trees and plants start to grow, the students can observe the wildlife that is attracted to the area. The students can also save leftover fruits or vegetables to leave for the wildlife to encourage their return. The students could also build birdhouses and feeders so that they can see...

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