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Philadelphia- Prejudice on an innocent man
Until this day, many members of the LGBTQ community are still fighting for their rights and to be accepted for who they are. This community has to challenge political set beliefs such as same-sex marriage to change the societal norm because of who they choose to love and to find their identity. Jonathon Demme’s Film Philadelphia embodies the G and Q in LGBTQ. The protagonist, Andrew Beckett, is fighting an ongoing battle with AIDS but has continued to excel in his job at a Prestigious Law Firm in Philadelphia. Beckett has kept his identity to himself due to some homophobic remarks made by his boss’s in fear of losing his job. Soon enough, Beckett started to show what looked like lesions on his face. He was then sabotaged which caused him to lose his job due to suspicion of Beckett’s gay identity. This could have been questioned because of the connection of lesions to Aids and Aids to homosexuality. Beckett ironically proceeds to hire a prejudiced lawyer, Joe Miller to help him with his case of injustice and prejudice actions done against him. Beckett and Miller won the case against the head partners in the firm for firing him, but Becket lost his own battle with AIDS and lost his life. The root of prejudice and discrimination against Beckett is led by the idea of an over sexualized LGBTQ community derived from Social Media and Hollywood.
The LGBTQ community has wanted to see same sex romances blossom on the screen for as long as film has been around, but overtime has come with some consequences. It has brought to light what people don’t want to talk about and has stereotyped all LGBTQ with the same wreck less, careless, and erotic lifestyles and behaviorisms. This is seen initially with Beckett’s lawyer, Joe Miller in the beginning of the film. Miller was very uneasy and scared of the idea of a man with Aids to be in his office. He was uneducated on the disease itself; all he knew was what social media resources had portrayed of the people who contracted this fast spreading disease. Miller was a homophobe who didn’t want anything to do with the case and even stated he didn’t want the case for “personal reasons.” He later in the film revealed, “As a kid you’re taught that queers are funny, queers are weird, they dress up as their mother, they’re afraid to fight, they’re a danger to other kids, and that all they want to do is get into your pants.” (Philadelphia Film 1:16:00) Millers initial prejudice has to do with the over sexed thought of gay men. The irony is that sex is a natural part of life and couples do it all the time, but it’s suddenly wrong when homosexuals do it. It’s something that is not talked about, so when people first see it, it’s the way News or the Movies portray homosexual intimacy and sometimes it can be too much for some. Miller is justifying his prejudice on how he was raised without knowing where the real root of his discrimination is unconsciously from. It all comes from the...

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