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Relatív hivatkozás A1 : Egy képlet cellahivatkozása a képletet tartalmazó és a hivatkozott cella egymáshoz képest elhelyezkedésén alapul. Ha a képletet tartalmazó cella helye változik, a hivatkozás is módosulAbszolut - rögzített hivatkozás -$A$1: Mindig az adott helyen található cellára mutat. Ha a képletet tartalmazó cella helye változik, az abszolut hivatkozás változatlan maradVegyes hivatkozás - $A1, A$1: Tartalma Abszolut oszlop és relative sor illetve abszolut sor és relative oszlop. Ilyen hivatkozásra akkor van szükség, ha azt akarjuk, hogy a hivatkozásegyik összetevője (az oszlop- vagy a sorazonosító) állandó maradjon, a másik viszont változzonmásoláskorFüggvények: A függvények a programba épített számoló egységek. Minden függvény egy konkrét típusfeladat, egy típusszámítás elvégzésére alkalmas...SZUM - Egy cellatartományban lévő összes számot összeadja.ÁTLAG - Argumentumainak átlagát számítja ki.MAX - Egy értékhalmazban lévő legnagyobb számot adja eredményül. .MIN - Egy értékhalmazban lévő legkisebb számot adja eredményül.DARAB - Megszámlálja, hogy hány olyan cella van egy tartományban, amely számot tartalmaz.DARAB2 - Megszámlálja, hogy hány nem üres cella található egy tartományban.HA - Ellenőrzi a feltétel megfelelésétDARABTELI - egy adott számnál kisebb vagy nagyobb számokat számolja megSZUMHA - A megadott kritériumnak eleget tevő cellákban található értékeket adja össze.HOL.VAN Egy adott értéknek megfelelő tömbelem viszonylagos helyét adja meg adott sorrendben.INDEX tartományban található érték hivatkozását vagy értékét adja visszaÖSSZEFŰZÉS - Több szövegdarabot egyetlen szöveggé fűz össze.KEREKÍTÉS - egy számot adott számú számjegyre kerekít.FKERES- Egy tábla bal szélső, vagyis első oszlopában megkeres egy értéket, majd annak sora és a megadott oszlop metszéspontjában lévő értéket adja eredményül. Függőlegesen keres, bal oldali oszlopban végzi a...

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Philips and Matsushita Essay

870 words - 3 pages In the post World War II era, Philips became the leading consumer electronics company in the world. Philips' success in this postwar era can be attributed to their strong Research & Development efforts, their independent National Organizations and the communication between these National Organizations. However, with the creation of the Common Market in the 1960's, the same National Organizations to which Philips attributed its postwar

Philips Vs Matsushita Essay

1738 words - 7 pages N.V. Philips (Netherlands) and Matsushita Electric (Japan) are among the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. Their success was based on two contrasting strategies – diversification of worldwide portfolio and local responsiveness for Philips, and high centralization and mass production for Matsushita. Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands began as a small light-bulb factory in Holland, and by the turn of the

Philips and Matsushita

3382 words - 14 pages Ans.1 Looking back at Philips history, research and development efforts were vital to the Philips success. The importance of research and development is evident in the physics and chemistry lab that developed a tungsten metal filament bulb that was a great commercial success enabling Philips to compete against its giant rivals.There were three factors which contributed to Philips success in the consumer electronics market during the post war

NV Philips Case Study

1252 words - 5 pages Case Study Philips NV.1. Describe changes in Philips environment occurring during the 1960's and 1970's(a)Philips operates in a very competitive market domestic and internationally. There have been various changes over the last decade, with the emergence of the company from a position near economic failure to a well-known brand that is still lacking in performance. From the 1960's onward, a number of significant changes took place. Due to the

Philips Electronics in Retail

1428 words - 6 pages Philips Electronic the number 7th retailer in electronics sells throughout the world has been an integral part in the emergence of electronics. In 1891 Philips was established by Gerard and his father Frederik Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Four years later, in 1895 brother Anton Philips join the company. The company first produce light bulbs, becoming one of the largest manufactures of this product. In 1914, the company develop and

Philips vs. Matsushita case analysis

684 words - 3 pages Problem Identification* How can Philips achieve a balance between centralization to achieve global integration and decentralization to achieve national responsiveness while maintaining their competitive advantage in the emerging global market conditions?- Does Philips' business strategy provide for a global competitive advantaged- Are Philips' core competencies still advantages?Hypothesis* Philips needs to simplify its structure through

Philips: A New Century, A New Round

1663 words - 7 pages Philips Electronics N.V, headquartered in the Netherlands, has had a successful run throughout the company's existence. Fueled by product innovation and research leadership, the company has all of the right tools to remain successful. However, the company has run into barriers due to the inability to implement an effective organizational structure, decision process and corporate culture to adapt to the demands of the changing environment

Le Corbusier: Philips Pavilion, Brussels, 1958

2089 words - 8 pages Le Corbusier: Philips Pavilion, Brussels, 1958 Located in a small site next to the Dutch section and away from the center of the fair, the pavilion hosted a futuristic multimedia display featuring images, colored lighting and music and sounds called the "Poème Electronique." Some of the greatest artistic minds of the twentieth century were involved in its creation, including the architect Le Corbusier (1887-1965) and the composer Edgard

Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek Biology Essay

883 words - 4 pages Antonie Phillips Van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microbiology is one of the most influential people of science; But how and why? Philips Teunisz a and Margriete Jacobsdr Van De Berch married on January 30, 1622, In Delft Netherlands. They had their first child Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek on October 24, 1632. Philips and Margriete had six more children , but before Antonie turned six years old two of his sisters and his father Philip

Philips Versus Matsushita: A New Century, A New Round

2911 words - 12 pages Philips versus Matsushita: A New Century, a New Round 21. Introduction 22. Philips historical development 23. Philips tries for Reorganization 44. The historical development of Matsushita 65. Matsushitas tries for Internationalization 76. The Future together? 91. IntroductionN.V. Philips and Matsushita Electric are two worldwide known electric giants. Although they have both a long history they followed in the recent years different strategies

King Philips War

892 words - 4 pages King Philip's War: A Civil War Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines war as "a state of widespread conflict between states, organizations, or relatively large groups of people, which is characterized by the use of violent, physical force between combatants or upon civilians", and civil war as "war between factions of the same country." More specifically, a civil war is an internalized war between people who inhabit the same territory

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942 words - 4 pages Captured, kidnapped, and rescued, Paul Greengrass knows precisely how to seize his audience’s attention. Not only did I watch this movie with my eyes and mouth wide open, but I kept thinking to myself, “This actually happened in real life!” Little did I know Captain Philips was no hero. Not only was it his fault the ship was captured from getting too close to the Somalia Coast and ignoring warning emails, but he never truly gave up himself to

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546 words - 3 pages 11/03/2014 1 Session 4: Case study analysis - The Global Branding of Stella Artois (Case 3-2 in BB, 6th ed) Dr Lim Ngat-Chin, Eunice Room ELG02 (Block E - new wing) Tues 0930-1130; Thurs 1330-1530; Fri 0900-1100 or appointment by email Case study analysis - The Global Branding of Stella Artois (Case 3-2 in BB, 6th ed)  Work in 4-5 persons per group.  Discuss answers for the 5 questions. 

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998 words - 4 pages Philips’ key capabilities After the Second World War, Philips has become the leading consumer electronics company. There are several key capabilities that contribute to this success, including the capabilities of local subsidiaries, the shared leadership within management and the strong and consistent research. Firstly, Philips’ main capability is the decentralised structure with strong local subsdiaries, which is the National

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592 words - 2 pages Philips and Gerard KleisterleeDate: April 6, 2010Management Policy and StrategyUnit 2Gerard Kleisterlee is the currently both President and Chief Executive Officer of Philips and Chairman of its committees on the Board of Management and Group Management. Kleisterlee joined Philips in 1986, and made his way to President in 2001. Kleisterlee was determined to better Philips' image with consumers and focus on becoming a high-growth, high-tech