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Philips Electronics In Retail Essay

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Philips Electronic the number 7th retailer in electronics sells throughout the world has been an integral part in the emergence of electronics. In 1891 Philips was established by Gerard and his father Frederik Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Four years later, in 1895 brother Anton Philips join the company. The company first produce light bulbs, becoming one of the largest manufactures of this product. In 1914, the company develop and produced products for the X-ray and radio technology industries. As years pursued the company developed Television and electric shavers between 1925- 1940. Other products develop were the CD and DVD .
As development continues in the 21st century the company focusses some of its strength in healthcare, lifestyle and technology. The company’s mission is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation. In 2006 the company sold 80% of its semi-conductor business to a group of private equity partners. The company further branch its business into three categories Healthcare, Lighting and customer lifestyle ("Philips - Heritage", n.d., para.10).
A company such as Philips, housed enormous amounts of customer data on network and data warehouses. These databases shared information with other division of the company all over the world. From purchases, warranty and credit card data. The motivation to steal this type of information is foreseeable over the World Wide Web. Cyber Criminals seize these opportunities when looking for vulnerabilities in an company network.
Cyber criminals are highly intelligent individuals ranging from young-adults to adults criminal organization throughout the world. The organizations used the services of computer hackers to do their bidding. The foreseen result of such activity is a toll on users, private sector and government in controlling cyber-attacks.
In February, 2012 Philips Electronic data was compromised by a two hacker’s, bch195 and HaxOr. The hackers belong to the hacker group Team INTRA. The hackers claim to have hacked many of Philips subdomains and websites. They deface the company’s web page and alleged to have stolen two hundred thousand email addresses. The hackers posted 100 emails, asking for a ransom if the company wanted the rest of the email accounts.
Philips noted they were aware of the incident and shut down the server that was compromised. They had initiated a full investigated to locate the vulnerabilities. According to (Worth, 212) John Stock a senior security consultant at security firm Outpost24, “said, the incident was just another in a series of hacks that showed firms are not doing enough to protect themselves from possible web attacks”(Worth, 2012, p.1).
Philips Electronic’s was hacked a second time in August 2012. Over two hundred thousand accounts were leaked to the internet. The suspected hacker was Anonymous. The dump was posted under the #Antisec #LulzSecReborn hashtag on one of the hacking groups’ websites. The...

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