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Philisophy Of Science Admissions Essay

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After going to several meetings and asking several members, I am very interested in Philosophy of Science. I hope that after reading my essay, you will consider me for joining Philosophy of Science.Outside the school curriculum I participate in several activities. I am a Girl Scouts Cadet, which has taught me great independence and leadership skills. I am an altar server at my church. I also attend the weekly Youth Group there. In this year's drama club production of "Alice in Wonderland", I am the Cheshire Cat and the Daisy Flower. I had difficulties with my tone of voice and facial expressions. I handled ...view middle of the document...

I need things to be organized in order to concentrate. My binders, notebooks, and even my room are all organized. I am also very good with handing things in on time. I always start a project, no matter what it is, the first day it is assigned. Then, I work on it bit by bit. I don't leave things until the last minute. I can't or I ill drive myself insane trying to get them done. Also, I am always prepared and on time for every class.I have incredible self-discipline. Even though I am tempted to do many things that are bad for my heart, I resist. I have been offered and pressured multiple times to smoke, drink, and do drugs. Never once have I done any of those things because I know what is right, at least for me.I am interested in researching and experimenting with several topics in the area of Psychology. I was thinking about researching sleep and the loss of sleep and its effects. To do this I would interview grammar school students, high school students, college students, and adults. I am also interested in studying multiple personalities and the effects it has on the person who has the problem and the people around him/her. I am not yet sure how I would go about doing this topic, but I am motivated enough to learn how.As you cal tell, I am very interested in the Philosophy of Science. I would like to say what an honor and a privilege it would be for me to be selected into this course.

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