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Phillies For Life Essay

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I was located back in my hometown of Thomson, Georgia helping my step dad Al Lamar coach his under ten recreation baseball team at Sweetwater Park. I tried to go home every weekend so I could attend the Saturday morning or afternoon practice and help coach then. I also made it home in time for a few Thursday night games to get actual game coaching experience. Our team was the Phillies and it was filled with a great group of kids that instantly bonded with my Dad and me and also with each other. Although we did not get the results we wanted we still had a wonderful time and it was a great learning experience for me since I want to become a coach.
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But on the other hand I was also there for their only win and I cannot tell you how happy those boys were after they won. Experiences with the other coaches were a toss up, some were good coaches and some were not so good.
I observed some of the other coaches during their games and I realized some of the coaches were putting way too much pressure on these young boys that were just out there trying to have fun. I saw this and tried to be as fun and easy going while helping the kids get better so I would not ruin the sport for some kids like those other coaches I witnessed. But I also saw some good coaches in action so I tried to use some of their good qualities or techniques to make me a better coach. Also I mentioned what my dad did after one of the losses and that really stuck to me and I will try to do the same for my players when I become a coach. Being out on the field with the players I realized they all looked up to me so I had to be the best example I could be. So I stayed positive tried to treat everyone the same and really just showed that practice was fun and that playing the game you love is truly amazing. I did not yell at the kids or make them run if they made an error I just showed them what they did and helped them fix it. I thought showing anger was the wrong way to go but to help them by showing them was the better way to go not just to make the kid better at baseball but to help his confidence.
This experience showed me a lot about educating the youth not in the classroom but on the field. Although the two places are very similar the teacher just teaches different things. Coaches teach the player how to play the sport better and teachers teach students how to become better students and I believe in the future the same techniques I use on the field for my players I will also use in my classroom.
Are learning styles real? While helping my Daddy coach it dawned on me each one of these kids learn different. Some kids I would have to visually show how to field a ground ball and other kids I could just tell them how to do it and they would pick up on it right away. I also noticed some kids could only learn how to do something if better player showed them because that player would just listen to another player rather than a coach. So when I saw the question asking if learning styles were real I instantly knew the answer and it was yes. And as I said earlier the field is very similar to the classroom and if all the players do not learn the same then all students do not learn the same. Realizing this...

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